my soul’s been psychedelisized #1

Willow Switches “Willow Switches” is a personal music project of Eriks Vitolins. Combining sounds of folk, psychedelia, lo-fi and garage rock, Willow Switches has laid down the groundwork for a concept album purely motivated by his love for music and guitar. Their current demos are divided into two distinct “albums”, which display the two distinct…… Continue reading my soul’s been psychedelisized #1

the daily purge 4-29-16

OK, this is the last day for giving away clothes. Any more and my wardrobe will resemble that of Adam’s, pre-sin. My sister, Inara, will be the (proud) owner of the three shirts tossed out by His Purgeness. Today’s theme celebrates All-Hallowed Eve’s Day, simply known as Halloween. Jack O. Lantern proudly grins his spookly smile.…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-29-16

Let’s all go to the lobby film review #1

Good gravy! Is it hard enough to find a movie to review these days? Violence, potty mouth, disgraceful behavior, look-at-me’ism, drug useage. It all seems so pervasive. I watched about half of a comedy, Look Who’s Back, about Adolph Hitler, if you can believe it. He reappears in Berlin 60 years after his death, for…… Continue reading Let’s all go to the lobby film review #1

the daily purge 4-26-16

The Lad once worked in a party store, a place where a mom could buy balloons, games, decorations and other mish-mash for her young’un’s birthday/middle school graduation/first communion/”just because you’re so cute!” party. He obviously was in a ‘fight the power’ mood when he bought this. If he ever wore this, I do not know.…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-26-16