my soul’s been psychedelisized #1

Willow Switches

“Willow Switches” is a personal music project of Eriks Vitolins. Combining sounds of folk, psychedelia, lo-fi and garage rock, Willow Switches has laid down the groundwork for a concept album purely motivated by his love for music and guitar. Their current demos are divided into two distinct “albums”, which display the two distinct “sides” to their sound.

I will post two or three songs every Friday until they are all used up. These are very pleasant songs. They have nice melodies. The lyrics? My nephew isn’t a nut so they should be safe (except to add a little warning later in this paragraph). I’m a little concerned about hotsy totsy ads for other digital albums that pop up after a song is finished. And I’m also certain I heard a little potty mouth after the third song so if you see something like that or hear something like this then close your eyes and cover your ears and do your best driving through the rest of The Purging Lutheran.


just stop the song before it ends and you won’t see or hear anything untoward.


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