the daily purge 4-13-16


Once again, Shermy gets the short end of the deal. The one who once lamented, “Every Christmas it’s the same: I always end up playing a shepherd.” doesn’t appear on this Charlie Brown Christmas tee-shirt. Research suggests Shermy was dropped from the lineup because Charles Schultz didn’t like drawing his hair. It’s probably true but it doesn’t sound true. I suspect there are deeper reasons for it. He is attributed with the first spoken line in Peanuts, “good ol’ Charlie Brown… how I hate him!”. I can’t see how that wouldn’t have had a big effect on how others, particularly Charlie Brown, viewed him. I’m guessing he was shunned by the other characters and eventually struck out on his own to develop a strip for himself, perhaps, with with Patty and Violet, other characters dropped from the strip. That there isn’t a strip called Shermy and Friends shows that his dream to contest Peanuts was mere folly. It’s a typical scenario: A team works well together then one player sees himself as above others ===> Chevy Chase as part of the SNL crew ===> strikes out on his own and meets with overwhelming success … wait, that’s not right. Let’s try MASH when McLean Stevenson struck out on his own only to fail in astonishing fashion. Yes, that’s better. Anyway, this Shermy-less shirt was sent away for someone to proudly display the Christmas tree that only needed a little love.

Galatians 6:3 – For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.


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