the daily purge 2-28-19

These are the days left in The Purging Lutheran’s ‘February’ bucket. I’m so glad this isn’t a ‘Leap Day’, the next coming ’round the mountain in 2020. I’m truly sorry if you are one of the eight people whose birth date is February 29th and you get cheated out of a free piece of pie…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-28-19

the daily purge 2-27-19

OK, evolutionismists, which came from which?(tap-tap-tap … waiting for an answer … tap-tap-tip-tap)Yeah, thought so.Today’s purge is the soap dispenser in the toppermost picture. If The Purging Lutheran was purging the long-billed curlew I’d be in deep doo-doo with 7/10ths of the world. Actually, there’s no way a curlew could ever evolve from an inanimate…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-27-19

the daily purge 2-26-19

The Purging Lutheran has a massive backlog of purses, beer bottles and video games so it is a relief when My Sweet Rib delivers to me a white, wire shelfy thing and says, “Here! Make a mess of this!”. To which I respond, “And done!” So, what is it? A few weeks ago we replaced…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-26-19

the daily purge 2-25-19

The Purging Lutheran begins today’s thingie with the opening background vocals to Paul McCartney’s song, Smile Away, from the album, Ram. Don’t know how to do the Don’t know how to do the Don’t know how to do the Don’t know how to do the Don’t know how to do the Don’t know how to…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-25-19

the view from the pew, holy cross lutheran, 2-23-19

Saturday evening service with Pastor McClean presiding. We sang many songs, played by Pastor and Paul. The opening song was “The Lord Is Present In His Sanctuary”. The sermon song was “Psalm 25”. We sang “Change My Heart, O God” during the offering. When we shared The Lord’s Supper we sang “As the Deer”. The…… Continue reading the view from the pew, holy cross lutheran, 2-23-19

the daily purge 2-22-19

Turquoise is a phosphate mineral. Turquoise is also a color. What else is a turquoise? Turquoise was an Émeraude-class submarine (French) launched in 1908 and captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. Turquoise was a Saphir-class submarine (French) launched in 1929 and scuttled in 1943. Turquoise was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and broodmare who won the…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-22-19

the daily purge 2-21-19

Welp, it’s a purse. Purse (?). Hmm. It is, according to My Sweet Rib. The Purging Lutheran thought it was just a lip ….. stick holder. It is larger, but not much larger, than a woman’s lip ….. stick yet when you open it there is a mirror on the bottom side of the lid.…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-21-19

the daily purge 2-20-19

The Purging Lutheran is grateful My Sweet Rib did not fill each credit card slip on this pocket book with credit cards. How much debt might have that many credit cards carried? How many differently named cards are there? The answer to this is ‘lotsa’. Some of the more unusually named cards are David’s Bridal…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-20-19

the daily purge 2-19-19

This is a pair of dainty shoes my dainty My Sweet Rib used to wear on her dainty feet. They are long gone, probably sitting on a shelf at Goodwill, possibly sitting atop a garbage heap somewhere in desolate Idaho, or maybe clinging to two dainty feet walking on a sidewalk in downtown Central Indiana.…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-19-19

the daily purge 2-18-19

The Purging Lutheran: Dear Wiki, what does this fish on this necklace mean? Wiki: Hey, TPurgingL, glad to hear from you! Hope you had a good weekend. I read your view from the pew of 2-16-19 and found it very enlightening. Until I read your article I was unable to make ends meet regarding Jesus’ ‘wineskins’…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-18-19