the view from the english-language latvian service* pew, 4-28-19

Sunday 11AM English language service at the Indianapolis Latvian Lutheran Church with Macitājs Lazdinš presiding. As you can tell by the picture above the hymns we sang were numbered 361, 390 and 363. Using the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal it was easy enough to determine the titles: The Day of Resurrection (361); The Risen Christ…… Continue reading the view from the english-language latvian service* pew, 4-28-19

the daily purge 4-25-19

WARNING: Includes graphic content. It’s a bad whammer-jammer. The Purging Lutheran’s lungs have been wracked with lung-hacking industrial strength sputum this entire week. It began on Easter morning and has been with me since. Both ugh! and ouch! As the ancient saw states – “As lungs go so go you” – you will certainly feel…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-25-19

the purging lutheran 4-20-19

  … During the first hour of the excruciating agony of the crucifixion, both malefactors had joined the surging throngs in reviling and cursing and mocking the man hanging in the middle between them, Matt. 27, 44. But the example of wonderful patience, together with the words which fell from the lips of the Sufferer,…… Continue reading the purging lutheran 4-20-19

the purging lutheran 4-19-19

  … The servants of the high priest and the elders were meanwhile having their sport with the captured Prophet of Galilee, and their rude jests and blasphemous mockeries were committed unreproved. They derided Him, they jeered and sneered at Him, they struck Him, not only in the face, but on the body; they put…… Continue reading the purging lutheran 4-19-19