the daily dumbrella (and ho-ho! meme), 5-29-20

Mornings north of Ruskin begin on the back porch with a cup of coffee and two cigarettes. We have nice shade from the trees (Hey, you friends!) until the Earth spins to a point when we have no shade but … voila! … we’ve got this handy and dandy umbrella left behind by Ms. Previous…… Continue reading the daily dumbrella (and ho-ho! meme), 5-29-20

the daily gutter, 5-28-20

Every morning since we moved to our jointly-owned dwelling here in central-western-but-just-a-little-south-and-east-of-Tampa, Florida, I stand in front of the kitchen sink window and swallow my medicines. While I do this I look out and wonder about my neighbor’s rain gutter. What gutter, you say? Above the window on the right you’ll see a three foot…… Continue reading the daily gutter, 5-28-20

the daily gulf cart, 5-27-20

It begins My Sweet Rib received her new zoom today. It’s a handsome-mobile, innit? Susan has been practicing driving up the road and down the road. Back and forth. Here and there. To and fro. Hither and yon. Hither and thither. I think you know what I’m tokkin ‘bout.   Will it end in disaster?…… Continue reading the daily gulf cart, 5-27-20

the daily felling, 5-26-20

Our neighborhood woke up to these gentlemen buzz-sawing away on a tree across the way. Following modern day journalistic standards, I didn’t bother to find out why they are doing this so I’ll just throw something out there. I’m guessing the tree was a danger to this home. I don’t have the appropriate angle of…… Continue reading the daily felling, 5-26-20

the daily 2020 – a space modesty, 5-22-20

  Well, this is on our living room floor. What is it? 1. Is it a monolith (‘mono’ meaning ‘one‘, ‘lith’ meaning ‘lith’) left here by mysterious strangers from outer-space? 2. Is it an obelisk (‘obe’ meaning ‘oboe’, ‘lisk’ meaning ‘pointed nail’) left by Australopithecines (a pop band from Australia) in the dead of night? Persistent Reader:…… Continue reading the daily 2020 – a space modesty, 5-22-20

the daily new bloodline and used scootabout, 5-21-20

    Introducing Mei! “How can we live without our lives? How will we know it’s us without our past?” […] How if you wake up in the night and know -and know the willow tree’s not there? Can you live without the willow tree? Well, no, you can’t. The willow tree is you” ―…… Continue reading the daily new bloodline and used scootabout, 5-21-20

the daily coffee archipelago and other noticements, 5-20-20

WARNING! Possible graphic image below (depending on your state of mind). It’s Lockdown Day #  7-days-and-counting at pequeño hogar de sauce and as you will easily discover there are only a reasonable number of semi-interesting items to comment regarding a ~1,500 square foot condo. I’m already not going to mention the ‘dab’ tree in our front…… Continue reading the daily coffee archipelago and other noticements, 5-20-20

the daily everything is coming along nicely (i think), 5-19-20

This morning was a big day at The Purging Lutheran’s southern outpost. My Sweet Rib had scheduled throughout the day for the fellow to come fix the ice maker, another guy to work on the air conditioner, and to have a new bed delivered in the afternoon. By the time I rolled out of bed by 9-something…… Continue reading the daily everything is coming along nicely (i think), 5-19-20

the daily first week, 5-18-20

Finally. My Sweet Rib and The Purging Lutheran made it to Florida-town, USA. Living here for the first week was a lot more difficult than I imagined. Where are the light switches and what are they connected to? There are five ceiling fans throughout and some switches turn on the lights but not the fans…… Continue reading the daily first week, 5-18-20