the daily purge 4-22-16


Ah, kids these days, with their rock and roll t-shirts with quirky pictures and goofy captions! My younger sister has a pipeline to people who hang out in yesterday’s mentioned ‘free love’ part of town where curious haircuts run rampant. Maybe I’ll pass this shirt on to her and she can impress the disaffected middle-agers who hang out there. Wait Til Wednesday is listed on the internet as a hardcore punk band. I listened to clips of five of their songs. Four of them were similar to each other. They start with drum sticks counting down, then BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! guitars and drums grind at a very fast pace followed by young, screaming lungs. I think this band existed before singers in death metal bands adopted the “Cookie Monster” voice to address their issues with modern life. Back when I was a restless lad, I was a big fan of Alice Cooper. I bought their records, memorised the lyrics and drank beer like “The Coop”. Then he was the enemy of all mankind, now his music is played on golden oldies stations. His songs ARE toe-tappers and a pleasant relief from The Piña Colada Song. I read his book, Golf Monster, about his journey through alcoholism and his subsequent deliverance from beer to salvation in Jesus and constant rehab through golf. Check it out. If you dare.

Psalm 62:1   Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from Him.



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