the daily purge 4-24-18

Publisher’s note: Living and writing from a parallel universe close to yours allows The Purging Lutheran to write about things the way they are here but not necessarily the way they are where you live. If you’ve ever been confused about what I write don’t worry about it. Natural laws and people here are nearly…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-24-18

the daily purge 4-23-18

Some people shrug their shoulders and say ‘wires?’. The Purging Lutheran responds by cracking his knuckles and saying ‘wires knot?’. Indeed, ‘wires knot?’. A knot is what happens when wires sit in the kitchen ‘stuff drawer’. They get tangled up a little bit more each time the drawer is opened then shut. There’s no stopping…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-23-18

the view from the pew 4-21-18

Saturday 5:30 service with Pastor McClean The songs we sang were “Here I Am to Worship”, “I Am Jesus’ Little Lamb” (a Sunday School favorite), “This Holy Place”, and “Feed Us Now” – this one includes the lyrics “God is near, oh so near, nearer than our thoughts” That’s pretty near. It means, for believers,…… Continue reading the view from the pew 4-21-18

the daily purge 4-19-18

When a spouse is career-bound and climbing the glass ladder in her Executive Toes ™ business shoes, often times the family suffers. The husband sits behind a cup of coffee in the morning contemplating his worth. The children miss their mother when she’s jetting about the world. All in all there isn’t much to complain…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-19-18

the daily purge 4-18-18

Welcome The Purging Lutheran and The Amazink Teknikolor Bankie. I’m pretty sure it was bought for one of our chucklins but whether for The Lad or Our Marta I have no recollection. Usually if I offer up a multicolored cloth, sock or shawl I’ll say it was cut from a Hebrew cloth as was Moses’…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-18-18

the daily purge 4-17-18

Back in our pre-pup days, The Purging Lutheran’s cats used to eat out of plastic bowls. They never ate their bowls after eating their tender noms though. Enter Kaden Superpup. Eat. Eat. Chomp. Wrestle and bite. And chew. And tear. And chew. Just as the world is a nail to a toddler’s hammer (toy), the…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-17-18