the daily purge 2-23-18

This is a battery for a laptop computer The Purging Lutheran and My Sweet Rib purchased shortly before she was retired from Big Pill. My plan for spending countless hours at Starbucks writing screenplays was abandoned when nobody watched me write screenplays. To mis-quote The Family Guy, “What’s the point of writing screenplays at Starbucks…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-23-18

the daily purge 2-22-18

February 22 is always an irritating day of the year for The Purging Lutheran. Whenever I see 2-22 I think of that television show Room 222 starring Michael Constantine and Karen Valentine. I probably watched very little of it but for unknown reason(s) it just sticks with me. We all have these kinds of triggers,…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-22-18

the daily purge 2-21-18

It’s a mess of computer gritz. That is to say several pieces of computer hardware having served their purposes and now being heaped onto the dustbin of this white shelf. The Purging Lutheran hasn’t visited The Lad’s room in some years now but I do know he is responsible for these items. What is he…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-21-18

the daily purge 2-20-18

OK, this is the last bit from Our Marta’s fashion closet. From now on, The Purging Lutheran will either have to close down shop (please, no tears) or go downstairs to find more items to throw away. Had My Sweet Rib been on the ball instead of sleeping in after 45 years of being forced…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-20-18

the daily purge 2-19-18

Once again, The Purging Lutheran was too sleepy to walk down the 14 steps to my basement to seek out a non-My Marta purgeable. And that doesn’t even include the 14 steps back up! Am I an iron man? Maybe one day but not this day. This is a dress MM wore long ago. It…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-19-18

the view from the pew 2-18-18

Latvian Church, English Service, Macitajs Lazdinš It was a beautiful day for worship. Pleasant View Church, where we share the grounds with another Lutheran congregation (but not the same service) has a very cozy sanctuary. Ever since I was a tyke, Latvians enter the sanctuary quietly, find our pew spots, utter a prayer of thanks, sit,…… Continue reading the view from the pew 2-18-18

the daily purge 2-16-18

The Purging Lutheran misses his Sunday School teaching days but his knees and their accompanying ancient ligaments don’t allow for that anymore. This hand puppet helped me teach God’s word to the wee bern of God. What three and four year old wouldn’t rather talk to a hand puppet than an old man? I suspect…… Continue reading the daily purge 2-16-18