Let’s all go to the lobby film review #1


Good gravy! Is it hard enough to find a movie to review these days? Violence, potty mouth, disgraceful behavior, look-at-me’ism, drug useage. It all seems so pervasive.

I watched about half of a comedy, Look Who’s Back, about Adolph Hitler, if you can believe it. He reappears in Berlin 60 years after his death, for no known reason, and gets caught up in comical hijinks. Even had I finished it and it is a ‘clean’ movie, I hesitate to make it my first review. So, I cruised through Amazon Prime and the only film I thought was worthy of a review is a ‘chick flick’ called How To Make Cut-off Denim Shorts. It’s about a woman (Samantha Hutchinson) who, while wearing a perfectly good pair of jeans, decides to turn them into a pair of comfortable fitting shorts. For a movie two minutes and thirty eight seconds long, it does have the most important parts to a film: a beginning, a middle and an end.

It opens with a comely woman, sitting outside her home in long jeans wearing sunglasses looking and laughing at something we aren’t privy to. We are left to imagine. Next, we see her standing then going inside her house. She has changed her clothes, and places her pants on a tall fabric board. Next, she takes to marking them with a felt pen followed by an attack with a pair of scissors. The tension rises in the viewers, especially if they have ever tried to make a pair of cut-offs themselves. Has she marked it properly? Did she cut along the dotted line with accuracy? These are common mistakes a person will make when altering clothes.┬áThe real surprises come about ninety seconds in when she pulls some of the threads out to give the shorts a frayed look and to my astonishment she makes short cuts along the outside seams to give her shorts a looser, more comfortable fit.
She dons her newly fashioned shorts, shirt and sunglasses and goes back outside with renewed confidence to face the unknown antagonist she encountered at the beginning of the film.

This is a movie with no dialogue. The story is told solely through actions and captions. The music is a blend of New Orleans jazz and traditional Persian folk. The directing, editing and acting are garden variety but the selling point is the short running order. I give this movie 2 out of 4 zipper talons.

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