the daily purge 3-22-17

The The Purging Lutheran is falling behind on my coffee makers. If you have been following The Purging Lutheran since its pre-historic Tumblr days you are well aware of the seemingly dozens of coffee makers that have come and gone through my kitchen. That address again… As long as you’re visiting there, try…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-22-17

the daily purge 3-21-17

Stuff from around the house that you want to throw away (purge) is pretty boring. Towels, books, wires, knick-knacks, partial candles, socks, shoes, and the rest are what to expect for the foreseeable future. Purging can be worse than being an airplane pilot. With flying, most of it is also dull and uninteresting but at least…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-21-17