The continuing story of Jack-o’-Lutheran 10-31-18 …

…  where Jack adopts the guise of a man in a hospital gown undergoing tests. I found my Halloween outfit at Angie’s Balloons, Bandages and Morgue, a medical supplies party store. I was surprised to find this IV patch sitting right there in the discount bin in the pulse aisle at billing. My ‘pitch’ this…… Continue reading The continuing story of Jack-o’-Lutheran 10-31-18 …

the daily purge 10-30-18

Beach combers, landlubbers and polliwogs*(?) recognize this as a ‘beach chair’, a chair you set on where the ocean meets the land. It’s a low-rider model which means it’s nearly impossible to get out of even if you are a healthy dame or fella. Your bottom is only a few inches above sea shells and…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-30-18

the daily purge 10-29-18

Really? This is why dinosaurs had to die? Buried deep in the Earth, squished and transformed into that mysterious elixir called petroleum*, coaxed to the surface through an oil rig, made into various combustible fuels, hard plastic forks and this rubberized floor runner. Oh, the chair counts, also, but it’s not being purged. Yet. Why…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-29-18

the view from the pew 10-28-18

Today’s 11 AM service was at Grace Church – Fishers Campus at 124th and Olio Rd. Though there were several hundred congregants attending there were none in sight when I took this picture of the facade. I would rather not include persons in pictures because who wants to be pictured without their permission? That explains…… Continue reading the view from the pew 10-28-18

the daily purge 10-26-18

Being a responsible web-blobber, The Purging Lutheran does my best to study up on items I’m unknowledgeable about. This being one of The Lad’s games I am not familiar with how it is played though I do know it is a ‘shoot ’em up’ game. It includes vehicles, pistols, rifles, explosives, and other traditional shooter…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-26-18

the daily purge 10-25-18

What? Another welcome mat? Even though it doesn’t say ‘welcome’ (neither did the other one from a few days ago) it is, still in fact, a welcome mat. How many welcome mats does a family need? The Purging Lutheran doesn’t have a lot of visitors except for website delivery persons, the occasional pizza guy and…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-25-18

the daily purge 10-24-18

The Purging Lutheran has learned over the decades that if your product is poor or unwanted, fall back on George Washington to bolster sales. Who would, except for the stinkiest commie, ever say ‘NO!’ to The Father of Our Country? Well, no one, except for the most foul smellin’ collectivist. This book centers around a…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-24-18

the daily purge 10-23-18

If you are standing on this door mat you wouldn’t be standing in front of The Purging Lutheran’s front door, or even in my garage where this picture was taken. But you also wouldn’t be standing knee-deep in a hill of garbage somewhere in South Dakota or Eastern Montana. Until I read up on landfills…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-23-18

the daily purge 10-22-18

If The Purging Lutheran was a doctor, witch doctor, specialist, surgeon, MD, bones, doc, healer, intern, extern, medic, quack, sawbones, GP, dresser, druggist, epidemiologist, exorcist, gastroenterologist, houseman, mendelevium, midwife, nurse, oculist, operator, opthamologist, country doctor, house physician, medical examiner, resident physician,  attending physician, physician in ordinary, medical woman, or navy surgeon  I would be both delighted and…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-22-18

the view from the pew 10-21-18

So here’s something that happens in Lutheran services just before Holy Communion: Pastor: The Lord be with you. Congregation: And also with you. Pastor: Lift up your hearts. Congregation: We lift them to The Lord. Pastor: It is indeed good, right and salutary … The pastor continues with a prayer about how fortunate we are…… Continue reading the view from the pew 10-21-18