the daily hoo-hah, 2-18-20 (with emergency purge!)

There’s not much going on today besides going to the bank to fill out the loan application for Casa Willow, so what to do, what to do? Let’s stare out the window of a moving vehicle and see what’s in Florida. To begin with we have a POPEYES chicken shack on the side of the highway. Or…… Continue reading the daily hoo-hah, 2-18-20 (with emergency purge!)

the view from the (redeemer lutheran) pew, 2-16-20

  Susan and I are in Sun City Center, Florida trying to sort out a winter palace where we can have warm bones and tanned skin. We attended the nearby ELCA church just off the road a holler from our hoped-for community. Before I go any further let us look at this picture. There are three…… Continue reading the view from the (redeemer lutheran) pew, 2-16-20

the daily snake, 2-14-20

Years ago when I worked on a fishing boat off the coast of Drambouie we had a saying, “Don’t admire your snake before he’s molted”. It’s a provincial saying much like “Don’t set in a ‘roo’s pouch before it hops” or even the more local “Don you countin’em eggs before is conclud-ed”. What I’m trying…… Continue reading the daily snake, 2-14-20

the daily non-sponsor, 7-12-20

Writing and operating a wildly unpopular web-blob is not as easy as you might believe. I’ve been on WordPress dot com going on five years now throwing things away and examining church services around town. The only real content I offer is the Gospel I add to the end of most posts but every now and then…… Continue reading the daily non-sponsor, 7-12-20

the daily realty, 7-11-20

OK, first of all in yesterday’s title I used the term ‘rbnb’. It wasn’t until my editor, Susan, pointed out that the term is “air b’n’b”. She’s an unpaid assistant so I get what I pay for. Yesterday and today we checked out about a dozen condos/home. Some were inexpensive, others not so much. What…… Continue reading the daily realty, 7-11-20