the daily purge 8-31-17

The Purging Lutheran takes a day off from Our Marta’s “Big Bin of Fashion Accessories”. Whew! How many articles about belts, purses and purses can one man write about? As many as needed but I see no reason to be a dern fool about it. While poking around underneath the downstairs bathroom sink I found…… Continue reading the daily purge 8-31-17

the daily purge 8-29-17

Kaden the Superpup (KSP) or also known as Mr. Teeth (MRT), has added his contribution to The Purging Lutheran’s daily donation to Goodwill or local trash heap. The red one was the front door rug and the other the back porch door rug. Know this about puppies – they need constant entertaining as does a…… Continue reading the daily purge 8-29-17

the daily purge 8-28-17

It is difficult for The Purging Lutheran to accept the idea that My Marta would wear an accesory which included gold lamé, a type of fabric interwoven with another fabric. Maybe this isn’t even a lamé. Elvis Presley sure knew how to wear gold lamé: “Thank ya, thank ya very much!” You’re very welcome, Elvis.…… Continue reading the daily purge 8-28-17

the view from the pew 8-26-17

Saturday service, 5:30 pm. Pastor’s lesson was based on the Gospel reading of Matthew 16:13-20 (posted below) In Jerusalem, Jesus’s disciples had remarked how The Temple was a tremendous place, built of massive stones. One such cut stone was 42′ long and weighed 570 tons. What place could be greater? Parts of The Temple in…… Continue reading the view from the pew 8-26-17

the daily purge 8-25-17

If kangaroos had ever developed opposable thumbs the purse, handbag and backpack industries would have been a yuge flop. Kangaroos are self-equipped with body pockets so they already have a place to put their car keys, lip sticks if they are a kangara, a six shooter if they’re a Stetson-wearing cowkang, mints, loose change, and…… Continue reading the daily purge 8-25-17