the daily florida post-vacation action report, 2-28-20

As Susan and I finish the month of February down here it’s time to look back and consider what we’ve gotten ourselves into. *She was able to find a fine condo which checks off the boxes of what she wanted. It’s not too big but has the necessary rooms to flop about in. *The road…… Continue reading the daily florida post-vacation action report, 2-28-20

the daily p**ping pup, 2-26-20

  WARNING! This post is rated “P” for ‘pdisgusting’, pfoul’, ‘pweird’ and ‘pyuck’. Please do not let your children see this. Better yet, set fire to your IPhone, tablet or desktop computer after having read this. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Susan and I…… Continue reading the daily p**ping pup, 2-26-20

the daily mao, 2-25-20

[editor’s note – The Purging Lutheran in no way endorses any communist, socialist, national socialist, militaristic, monarchist, oligarchic, authoritarian or totalitarian styles of government. This is only written for entertainment value (if any).] . The other day Susan and I were driving the Tampa area and my brain was minding its own business when out of nowhere it…… Continue reading the daily mao, 2-25-20

the view from the (seaglass) pew and a little bit about live-streams, 2-23-20

Part 1 – Seaglass church We’ve been in Florida on vacation and just recently found this church about 100 yards from our air b’n’b. They had an 11AM service which fit nicely into our wake-up schedule. . Parking was no problem for those who drove. . Pastor Oates presiding. This is the sanctuary. . It…… Continue reading the view from the (seaglass) pew and a little bit about live-streams, 2-23-20

the daily climactic change, 2-21-20

(with mega-apologies to the movie, The Exorcist*) Susan: Florida, why did you do this to me? Please, Florida, I’m afraid! Florida: You’re not my resident! Janis: Don’t listen… Get inside! *************************************** Why is Susan wearing a coat just south of Tampa? We went to Bob Evans for breakfast. What did we see out on the…… Continue reading the daily climactic change, 2-21-20

the daily spag-hetti, 2-20-20

I’m not one for taking pictures of my food or am I a fan of ‘selfies’ but my breakfast spag-hetti had no such compunction about either. It wanted to take a ‘selfie’ of itself and I let it. No skin off my oddly shaped nose. Shortly after this photograph was taken, spag-hetti went to work…… Continue reading the daily spag-hetti, 2-20-20

the daily house interrogation, 2-19-20

As with any competent homebuyer, it’s worth our salt to have a home inspection before purchase. Eric and Candy spent about ninety minutes pouring over our home’s nooks and crannies making sure all drawers, light switches and drains are working dutifully. Except for a little this and a bit of that everything is sound. Now…… Continue reading the daily house interrogation, 2-19-20

the daily hoo-hah, 2-18-20 (with emergency purge!)

There’s not much going on today besides going to the bank to fill out the loan application for Casa Willow, so what to do, what to do? Let’s stare out the window of a moving vehicle and see what’s in Florida. To begin with we have a POPEYES chicken shack on the side of the highway. Or…… Continue reading the daily hoo-hah, 2-18-20 (with emergency purge!)

the view from the (redeemer lutheran) pew, 2-16-20

  Susan and I are in Sun City Center, Florida trying to sort out a winter palace where we can have warm bones and tanned skin. We attended the nearby ELCA church just off the road a holler from our hoped-for community. Before I go any further let us look at this picture. There are three…… Continue reading the view from the (redeemer lutheran) pew, 2-16-20

the daily snake, 2-14-20

Years ago when I worked on a fishing boat off the coast of Drambouie we had a saying, “Don’t admire your snake before he’s molted”. It’s a provincial saying much like “Don’t set in a ‘roo’s pouch before it hops” or even the more local “Don you countin’em eggs before is conclud-ed”. What I’m trying…… Continue reading the daily snake, 2-14-20