Welcome to The Purging Lutheran.

For the last few years I have been threatening my spouse with a web page, away from the two Tumblrs I operate, thepurginglutheran and thegatwickview. If you go to thepurginglutheran tumblr you can read what the purges are all about. This web page is about expanding beyond that. As of April 10, 2016, I/we will cover the following:

  • the daily purge (Monday through Friday – we don’t work weekends);
  • reviews of songs and films from long ago or short ago;
  • election updates from our ace political analyst, Sate Nilver.
  • church reviews – I hope to go to different churches, check’em out and report it
  • view from the pew – what do I/you think while sitting in the pew at church?

I hope to add polls and feedback to articles. If you are interested in writing an article on just about anything, please contact me at my email address


My editorial rules are simple:

  • No cussin’
  • No spittin’

If you want to go somewhere to complain and bash people then this isn’t the place to do it.  There are close to one trillion webpages and nary a one can be found where a person, book, film, political party, country, ethnicity isn’t being treated rudely. You don’t have to be a jerk to point out a miscalculation, error or the human condition we all suffer from. You’ll figure it out.

So there you have it.


(and, yes, I like Pringles)

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