the view from the pew 4-29-17

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. (Ps. 116:5) === Our friend, Shanna, died and went to Heaven today ===   Tonight’s service was muted because of Shanna’s death. We sang and we prayed. We recited and we communed. We confessed and were reassured. Tonight’s sermon by Pastor Sattler…… Continue reading the view from the pew 4-29-17

the view from the pew 4-23-17

It’s English-language service at the Latvian church today. It was a modest group of parishioners, about 25 or so, probably fewer than that. Macitajs Lazdinš began the service by requesting particular prayers for Venezuela, where he grew up, that the rioting could stop and the government listen to the people. He asked for us to…… Continue reading the view from the pew 4-23-17

the daily purge 4-20-17

Years ago My Sweet Rib and The Purging Lutheran bought this garden ornament from The Garden Ornamentry online catalogue based out of Walla Walla, Washington. As it turned out, this decorative(?) piece of wrought iron was designed and crafted by Italian know-it-all, Galileo Galilei. It was his early design of the known solar system. It…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-20-17