the bruised lutheran 11-30-17

In a high school chemistry class, a chemical imbalance can cause a BOOM! or a fizzle. In a human body, it can cause a person to go all whacky-like and zoom around the universe or be the root of slothfulness. Either way it has a snowball effect on the imbalanced and their close ones. In…… Continue reading the bruised lutheran 11-30-17

the cruising lutheran 11-29-17

Up until today there has been no proof My Barbecue’d Rib and The Purging Lutheran are even on a cruise. A picture of a speaker is not definitive proof we are on Jamaica but my disappointment is. Today is the day I introduce you, Persistent Reader, to ‘the Big Lie of Montego Bay’. Most people,…… Continue reading the cruising lutheran 11-29-17

the cruising lutheran 11-28-17

These are two pillows The Cruising Lutheran rested his head upon after having ingested some bad meat yesterday. I am guessing it was the salmon at brunch. Ugh. I rose at 1 pm today and sat in the adult-only section until My Barbecue’d Rib found me at ~2:30. I drank much water followed by a…… Continue reading the cruising lutheran 11-28-17

the cruising lutheran 11-27-17

The Carnival Princess’s engines are set at ‘ramming speed for fun’. What’s the picture, Joe? It’s the canopy covering The Cruising Lutheran and My Barbecue’d Rib from that testy sun. We are laid out on the comfy couches, our home away from our home away from home. MBR reads while I stare at humans walking…… Continue reading the cruising lutheran 11-27-17

the puppied lutheran 11-24-17

Every one of them knew that as time went by They’d get a little bit older and a little bit slower* What do puppies know of The Beatles? Though these lyrics apply to me, Kaden the Superpup (KSP) doesn’t recognize them as a valid excuse to avoid taking him to the dog park. Yesterday was…… Continue reading the puppied lutheran 11-24-17

the thanksgiving lutheran

The best dinner rolls are slightly undercooked and laminated. It’s a family tradition going back to when my ancestors hit that ‘sweet spot’ between the time wheat was discovered and fire was invented. What are your family Thanksgiving traditions? Watching the Detroit Lions lose? Thoughtful, political debate? Sleeping the sleep of the sleepy? Early morning…… Continue reading the thanksgiving lutheran

the daily purge 11-22-17

Yes, these look familiar, right? But they are different than the last pair The Purging Lutheran tried to pass off as a pair of socks. The difference? Well, they are cleaner than the other pair + the loops in the rear didn’t exist on those. Now that Our Marta is gently easing her way into…… Continue reading the daily purge 11-22-17

the daily purge 11-21-17

The Purging Lutheran is nearing the end of the ‘A Tub of Marta’ Collection. My Marta could probably still fit into these clothes but she would need a P.O.D. to tote them around. They’re pretty beat up and represent the styles of the 2000s. Did it even have a theme? Yugh! But just the same…… Continue reading the daily purge 11-21-17

the daily purge 11-20-17

This is a luggage tag. My Sweet Rib used it when she would break the surly bonds of the Indiana state line to travel to Rome, Tokyo, London and areas designated with ‘here be dragons’ warning signs. Well, at least anywhere that had a Hilton hotel. My wife likes to be treated ‘light and fluffy’…… Continue reading the daily purge 11-20-17

the view from the pew 11-18-17

11-18-17, Pastor Sattler presiding Paul played piano for our songs. They were … “O Worship the King, All Glorious Above” “Great is Thy Faithfulness” – if ever you sing this hymn and out of nowhere your brain wanders making you wonder why the Old Testament book, Lamentations, always seems to get short shrift in the…… Continue reading the view from the pew 11-18-17