the cruising lutheran 11-28-17

These are two pillows The Cruising Lutheran rested his head upon after having ingested some bad meat yesterday. I am guessing it was the salmon at brunch. Ugh. I rose at 1 pm today and sat in the adult-only section until My Barbecue’d Rib found me at ~2:30. I drank much water followed by a…… Continue reading the cruising lutheran 11-28-17

the puppied lutheran 11-24-17

Every one of them knew that as time went by They’d get a little bit older and a little bit slower* What do puppies know of The Beatles? Though these lyrics apply to me, Kaden the Superpup (KSP) doesn’t recognize them as a valid excuse to avoid taking him to the dog park. Yesterday was…… Continue reading the puppied lutheran 11-24-17

the thanksgiving lutheran

The best dinner rolls are slightly undercooked and laminated. It’s a family tradition going back to when my ancestors hit that ‘sweet spot’ between the time wheat was discovered and fire was invented. What are your family Thanksgiving traditions? Watching the Detroit Lions lose? Thoughtful, political debate? Sleeping the sleep of the sleepy? Early morning…… Continue reading the thanksgiving lutheran