the daily purge 5-31-19

What are these guys excited about? They look stunned, maybe even a little apprehensive over what is going on. And what is going on? The Purging Lutheran can not recall any froofreraw or hullaballoo which these female adapter outlets are watching. If these adapters are going to freak out at (insert air quotes here) “whatever” how…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-31-19

the daily purge 5-30-19

Lightweight spackling?* What’s the first thing which comes to your mind when confronted with lightweight spackling? That’s right – Bill Murray. He played the character, Carl Spackler, in the movie, Caddyshack. If you spackle any type of spackling that makes you a spackler. If you’re a spackler, why not be ‘Carl Spackler’? Maybe you aren’t…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-30-19

the daily purge 5-29-19

This purge is rated P. S. for ‘Pretty Safe’. After yesterday’s medical-themed purge debacle, The Purging Lutheran is going retro, so retro, in fact, that I am going back in time before color photography. Back to those pictures in your fourth grade history book with photographs of The Great Dust Storm, the first atomic bomb…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-29-19

the daily purge 5-28-19

WARNING! Today’s purge contains a medical “ew, yuck!” condition. This is a piece of luggage what went belly up last week. The zipper came apart from the fabric and as such has become near … nay … totally impossible to use anymo. My Sweet Rib was either packing for or unpacking from our recent trip…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-28-19

the view from the pew, 5-25-19

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Saturday 5:30, Pastor Sattler We sang these songs – “A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing”, “Let It Be Said of Us”, “Lord Be Glorified”, “In Christ Alone” and “Before You, Lord, We Bow”. We confessed our sins, all those times we said we’d honest and true to The Lord but…… Continue reading the view from the pew, 5-25-19

the daily purge 5-24-19

The Purging Lutheran already forgot what brand seed spreader this. Its color makes me think it’s a John Deere but I’m not sure Deere makes leg-propelled spreaders like this one. Why, they make big tractors and big harvesters many of which include conditioned air machines and satellite television and radio. A manual spreader? Give me…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-24-19

the daily purge (and end vacation) 5-23-19

This is the fishing net my father, Peteris, used when he would be about being a fisher of fish. He would work and after work and a quick dinner it was off to the creek to sit and smoke a cigarette and fish. It was just him and no one else so, no, The Purging…… Continue reading the daily purge (and end vacation) 5-23-19

The Passenger Lutheran, 5-17,18-19

It begins. Sustenance for the trip. Our first truck stop. Kentucky says, “Hey!”. Kentucky doesn’t mess around – basketball, bourbon and bossy dames. Horse Cave, KY. has plenty of moist, hot air. Huntsville, Alabama welcomes us. Here is a picture of the rocket ship at the first potty stop. Finally, we make it to Gardendale,…… Continue reading The Passenger Lutheran, 5-17,18-19

the daily purge 5-16-19

Roses need help to grow? Wiki sez – “A rose is a woody perennial flowering plant … ” There is more to what a rose is but it is mostly scientific mumbo jumbo, blather, blether; rigmarole, unintelligible language, hocus-pocus, informal gobbledygook, double Dutch, argle and, yes, bargle. Yeah, it’s pretty dull stuff. Question: Does a…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-16-19

the daily purge 5-15-19

$5 says you do not know what The Purging Lutheran’s next statement will be. Do lobsters drive cars? Please pay, pal.* But, do lobsters drive cars? I don’t know if they do but if they do they seem to be well-insured. These claws are marked very clearly with the State Farm logo and not just…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-15-19