the daily purge 12-29-17

Good afternoon, Persistent Reader. Welcome to Freitag in Central Indiana. Today’s goodbyeable is a shirt onced owned by A Person, a person The Purging Lutheran knows. AP once wore this shirt when AP worked for a weekend music festival in Southern Indiana. The word hyperion can mean ‘the high one’ or ‘the knower of lights’. In…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-29-17

the daily purge 12-28-17

Usually when The Purging Lutheran takes a picture of a purge item I ask it if it wants to express itself in a certain way. 99 times out of 100 the item just sits there like a droopy-faced bumpkin. BUT! But the other 1 time the item strikes a jaunty pose. My Marta’s blouse acted…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-28-17

the daily purge 12-27-17

The holy day season has come to an unclimactic end. That’s the way it otter be. Next up? New Year’s Eve and Day. It occurs on December 31/January 1 on the Gregorian Calendar. To the best of my recollection, the Gregorian calendar is named after famed Augustinian friar and founder of the modern science of genetics,…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-27-17

Christmas Day + 1, 2017

Saint Stephen with a rose In and out of the garden he goes Country garden in the wind and the rain Wherever he goes the people all complain December 26th is St. Stephen Day, a remembrance of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Today’s post doesn’t have much to do with St. Stephen except for some…… Continue reading Christmas Day + 1, 2017

the daily purge 12-22-17

My Marta was a proud member of the HSE marching band back in the day. As a matter of fact she rose through the band hierarchy eventually reaching the plum position of Drum Major (girls used to be called ‘drum majorettes’ back in the days of black and white). Still, she was a trumpet’er at…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-22-17

the view from the pew 12-20-17

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Advent service, 6:30 PM Before reading this, I’m telling you that you’ll be better served by bringing up Pastor McClean’s sermon on the church website at . Anything I write pales in comparison to the real thing. Pastors Sattler and McClean have several decades of experience when it comes to…… Continue reading the view from the pew 12-20-17

the daily purge 12-21-17

Decades ago when shopping malls were a big thing there were women and men roaming the walkways looking for action. Survey action, of course. They were the red-jacketed ladies and gentlemen of Walker Research, an opinion finding firm seeking the viewpoints of the common mall shopper. They asked questions like – Do you like ketchup?…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-21-17

the daily purge 12-20-17

If you, Persistent Reader, haven’t guessed by now, The Purging Lutheran doesn’t know a whole lot about fashion or design. My mother was a knitter and a sewer. She could make just about any kind of clothing you like. Her design and fashion ideas were less aesthetic than they were utilitarian. She came from ‘the…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-20-17

the daily purge 12-19-17

As it turned out, yesterday’s BSU shirt was a gift from V******a to My Marta*(1). The Purging Lutheran feels crummy about it because I put people in awkward positions. V******a gave My Marta a shirt gift. Then I find the shirt in a pile of My Marta-wear, take a picture (slightly slurred), throw it on…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-19-17