the daily purge 6-28-19

Preamble: These went away to a gararge sale. Wow! It is a multi-purge! Rather than doink!-doink!-doink! items one at a time let us see what happens if The Purging Lutheran doinks! a bunch at a time. Cup hooks. These screw into a wall and you hang cups on them. Well, not necessarily cups but other…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-28-19

the illustrated lutheran 6-27-19

  In my family we had two parents and five children, a total of seven lutherans. We celebrated birthdays once a year in July. Not for all of us but for just three of us – my father, Pete, my mother, Magdalena, and my eldest sister, Rita. This was because my father would have a…… Continue reading the illustrated lutheran 6-27-19

the daily purge 6-26-19

First of all, it need not be evening for people to be strange. The Purging Lutheran asked Jim Morrison what he thought about strange people. His response was, “People are strange when you’re a stranger. Faces look ugly when you’re alone. Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted. Streets are uneven when you’re down.” Thank you, Jimbo. Anyway, I…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-26-19

the daily purge 6-25-19

The Purging Lutheran can never purge too much Wilma Flinstone jewelry. Why did I ever buy this sort of clunkery for My Sweet Rib? My fashion sense is tone deaf. MSR prefers her accessories to be dainty like a flutterby and delicate as a flower, much like she. Is it possible I was a victim…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-25-19

the view from the holy cross pew 6-22-19

Saturday service, Pastor Sattler presiding The songs we sang were ‘comfort foods’ of traditional worship hymns, ones which are older, meaningful and easy to sing. These were “Lord, Open My Heart to Hear”, “Amazing Grace”, “Seek Ye First”, “The Lamb” and “Shout to the Lord”. Thanks, Karl! We confessed our sins.  But why? The LCMS…… Continue reading the view from the holy cross pew 6-22-19

the daily purge 6-21-19

Stephen King is a machine. In the morning his wife, Tabitha, serves him coffee, gives him a pack of Lucky Strikes, sets him in front of his typewriter, turns the crank on his back, lets it go and awaaay he goes tapping out another novel. What is this novel about? Maybe some crazy dame? Maybe a crocodile…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-21-19

the daily purge 6-20-19

One day a man said, “The two greatest days in a person’s life is the day he buys his boat and the day he sells his boat”. This suggests that falling in a love with a thing will later become a disillusionment when dealing with its consequences. Buy a boat? Yay! Freedom on the waters!…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-20-19

the daily purge 6-19-19

This spring has been relieved of its duty and been purged. Summer is just a day or two away from poking its head out of the sky and proclaiming, “I’m right here!”. Until then let The Purging Lutheran give a late welcome to our present season, Spring. I will do this by introducing this comic…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-19-19

the daily purge 6-18-19

These are the leftover parts of a hanging lamp The Purging Lutheran hung over our kitchen table a few years back. It replaced a hanging lamp which My Sweet Rib destroyed in a fit of cleaning frenzy. I think. Or she might have been changing the light bulb with a hammer. Or maybe she growled…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-18-19

the view from the pew 6-16-19

Indianapolis Latvian Evangelical Church, Sunday, 11am, Pastor Lazdins leading Our hymns were “All Glory Be to God on High”, “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty”, “For the Bread Which You Have Broken” and “Holy God We Praise Your Name”. Pastor Lazdins led us in confessing our sins … Pastor, with the authority invested in him…… Continue reading the view from the pew 6-16-19