the daily angry mob, 9-30-20

Everybody was Kung Fu fightingThose kids were fast as lightningIn fact it was a little bit frighteningBut they fought with expert timing There was funky Billie Chin and little Sammy ChongHe said, here comes the big boss, let’s get it onWe took the bow and made a standStarted swaying with the handA sudden motion made…… Continue reading the daily angry mob, 9-30-20

the daily taco tuesday, 9-29-20

Hoomph! What could be better in life than sitting in the clubhouse with ‘my piece of cake’ AKA My Sweet Rib? It’s Taco Tuesday! Three tacos w the proper accoutrements for $5.99. Yumz and krunchy! . We wait. And, yes, we placed our tracker on the table. . Ya gotta do something while you wait.…… Continue reading the daily taco tuesday, 9-29-20

the daily bald-headed woman, 9-28-20

Ah, it’s pool time. The weather is pleasant and the water just warm enough. I’ve got a spot where I sit and work on my tan and listen to the piped-in music. They play mostly inoffensive songs from the 70s and 80s, some Duran Duran, a little bit of The Beatles, some girl groups of…… Continue reading the daily bald-headed woman, 9-28-20

the daily slow day, 9-24-20

Well, only a little day off. The Purging Sleepyhead begins … . Susan began the day by going to an HOA meeting in our nearby park. The main issue was whether residents can be forced to repave their driveways although they do not own them. The result? It was left hanging in the air. More…… Continue reading the daily slow day, 9-24-20

the daily not much going on today except for cats – you can always depend on cats, 9-23-20

I’m not certain where this police arrest was made but cats never avoid the opportunity to find a comfy place to rest. . Speaking of cats, this is how I play the piano. . Tell me what you think the backstory is on this one. . Cats never fail to put themselves in positions which…… Continue reading the daily not much going on today except for cats – you can always depend on cats, 9-23-20

the view from the pew, 9-20-20

Sunday 10 AM service at Christ the King Lutheran Church, LCMS. Songs sung this day were … “Blessed Jesus, at Your Word”, “Hark, the Voice of Jesus Crying”, “Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord”, “We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight”, “Lord of Glory, You Have Bought Us”, and “Lord of…… Continue reading the view from the pew, 9-20-20

the daily fireball, 9-18-20

Yup, ittsa Friday and life is movin’ kinda slow along the Gulf-side coast of Florida. My Sweet Rib and The Purging Lutheran finished our pool time, came home and had lunch. Later we will sally on toward the clubhouse and have a few drinks before retiring this evening. The Friday special is shots of Fireball…… Continue reading the daily fireball, 9-18-20

the daily is it italian food or nature?, 9-17-20

My Sweet Rib and I were gulfcarting across Crybaby Bridge just west of the North Clubhouse. Is this Spanish moss, that stuff we see hanging from trees, or is it an army of angel hair pasta crawling across the bridge? If in fact it was angel hair moving on its own we didn’t want to…… Continue reading the daily is it italian food or nature?, 9-17-20

the daily flu shot and possible last evening fistacuff, 9-16-20

CVS pharmacy is the place to get a flu shot. Onesy for me and onesy for her. . ‘Now’ is, or was, a relative term. Between insurance glips and a slow moving doctor doing the shooting it took ~45 minutes. . While waiting for my inoculation me noticed this stand where I could get a…… Continue reading the daily flu shot and possible last evening fistacuff, 9-16-20