the chewing lutheran 9-30-18

My Sweet Rib and I went to a breakfast restaurant, [name redacted], after worship this morning. MSR received her French toast but no syrup. She told the waitress and away she went to get it. She didn’t return after a few minutes but another server asked how we were and MSR mentioned the girl hadn’t come…… Continue reading the chewing lutheran 9-30-18

the daily purge 9-28-18

Aaaaaaand The Purging Lutheran completely forgot about The Walking Dead-i-verse as an inspiration for modern day game-e-ology. Hyph-ens are great, aren-t they? In our Bioshock world it appears all heckeydern as broken loose in America and what-s left are tattered flags, shotguns and semi-freshly shorn joes wearing men-s satin stock collars. Regarding our game, it…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-28-18

the daily purge 9-27-18

Without going back over The Purging Lutheran’s articles from the past few days, I’m willing to bet that I also forgot to add the ‘Terminator futureverse’ to those worlds which these games are based on. Our anti-hero (Phil?) in the picture above is holding his trusted The Hammer of Thrįîjln which contains the powers of “The…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-27-18

the daily purge 9-26-18

The Purging Lutheran deserves chastisement for completely forgetting to add the ‘Mad Max destructo’ universe to the combined description of The Lad’s soon-to-be-disposed collection of games. What was I not thinking? This worrisome lookin’ fella (his name is ‘Kelly’) is wearing a mask made from available materials in a world where aesthetics is not an issue…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-26-18

the daily purge 9-25-18

Sometimes when The Purging Lutheran and his My Sweet Rib are traveling somewhere unknown I’ll ask for directions such as “Which way do I turn?”. More times than not instead of saying where I should go she just holds her hand up and points the direction. Well, that’s just fine if I’ve crawled inside her…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-25-18

the daily purge 9-24-18

Set the dial on your ‘reading pleasure-o-meter’ for ‘fun and excitement!’ for the next several weeks as you witness the purgings of The Lad’s many computer and hand-held machine games. The Purging Lutheran hopes to occassionaly interrupt the flow of these with more typical purges involving garden rakes, bent kitchen spoons or puppy-chewed towels but until…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-24-18

the view from the pew 9-22-18

Saturday evening service, Pastor Sattler Did I sin this week? Yes. Did all members of the congregation sin this week? Yes. We all admitted it in front of the altar, asking God, through Jesus, for His forgiveness. Ah, but were we forgiven? Indeed we were. 2,000 years ago Jesus died for the sins committed by all…… Continue reading the view from the pew 9-22-18

the daily purge 9-21-18

Yargh! What stones be these? Are these healing stones, hottened over a mild flame and placed over various spots of the human body to induce healing? Nah. Are these The Rolling Stones, 1960’s icons whose bodies have had their worldly essences removed and what remain are their talents encased in glass and prepared to be…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-21-18

the daily purge 9-20-18

Wire is what you want to you use when hooking your dining room chandelier to Big Voltage, located somewhere in ‘out there’, Indiana. For reasons unknown, The Purging Lutheran saved these extra wires and chains after we installed a hangin’ light over the dinner table sev’ral years ago. What was I going to do with them?…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-20-18

the daily purge 9-19-18

My Sweet Rib is traveling to the fatherland*, Amsterdam, and Iceland for ten days, due home this Sunday. So The Purging Lutheran is grumpy. It’s hot and gunky here in Central Indiana. The pets are hanging on to me like Christmas ornaments. Complain. Complain. Complain. So what’s the lower-case ‘good news’? When I find out…… Continue reading the daily purge 9-19-18