the daily purge 7-30-18

The Purging Lutheran has photodocumented, without permission from the publisher, page 259 of the Leo Tolstoy classic, Anna Karenina. My Sweet Rib read it a few months ago and it is unlikely I will ever read it so there is no reason to keep it. MSR also broke the spine, making it unsaleable to decent…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-30-18

the view from the pew 7-29-18

English-language service at Indianapolis Latvian Lutheran, Mācitajs Lazdinš presiding. We sang the following hymns played by Karl on the pipe organ: “All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly”, “Praise and Thanksgiving”, “What Feast of Love” and “Sent Forth by God’s Blessings”. Thanks, Karl! And thanks, googlenet, for helping me find the titles of these hymns. We began…… Continue reading the view from the pew 7-29-18

the daily purge 7-27-18

We live in a political world Love don’t have any place We’re living in times Where men commit crimes And crime don’t have any face We live in a political world Wisdom is thrown in jail It rots in a cell Is misguided as hell Leaving no one to pick up the trail   The…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-27-18

the daily purge 7-26-18

The Purging Lutheran obviously was not wearing my glasses when I took this picture (I am horribly near-sighted). Here is a didja know? for you today: After a baby reaches three months of age, the size of his eyeballs will remain constant throughout his life. Speaking of eyeballs (part two), here is another interesting fact about…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-26-18

the daily purge 7-25-18

Note: I’m a little cranky today. I’m pretty sure it’s because we pay too much for cable television but it might be pet or ice cream related as well. Read this purge at your own peril. It gets a little ris·qué. ********************* The Purging Lutheran rounded up KadenSuperPup’s partly chewed Benebones (pronounced “Benny Bones”), photodocumented them…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-25-18

the daily purge 7-24-18

Had our cats (Callie, Grandé, Jezebel, Osborne, and Bootsie) been members of a cat band, The Purging Lutheran is pretty sure it would have been a Led Zeppelin’esque, hard metal band, maybe named “Kitty Kat Karnival”. Their fourth or fifth album would have parallelled Zep’s Presence, named it Katerwaul, complete with their version of a mysterious ‘obelisk’,…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-24-18