the daily purge 12-28-16

ampelmännchen – little traffic light men These are the crosswalk symbols used in East Germany back in the day and used today in the re-unified Deutschland. If you look up “ampelmännchen” on Wikipedia you will find a lengthy article behind the feller who designed them and how these dedigns came about. These are candies Our Marta…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-28-16

the view from the gift exchange 12-24-16

Every year at Christmas time, TPL’s family, nuclear and extended, gather for food and sharing and yicking and yacking. We also have a gift exchange. Rather than buying individual gifts for 12 to 15 other peeps, we decide on a theme the year before and buy one gift we hope will satisfy the person who…… Continue reading the view from the gift exchange 12-24-16

the daily purge 12-27-16

This is Axe Body Spray, a ‘grooming’ product targeted for the young male audience, usually from age 13 until marriage. To any one who has had a son go through puberty, there is more ‘grooming’ involved with gorillas who pick nits off their brothers and sisters in far off jungles. Axe, or ‘Lynx’ in England…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-27-16

the view from the pew 12-24-16

It is Saturday evening and we are at the Latvian church where service will be conducted mostly in Latvian but the sermon in English. As years tick off I understand the Latvian language less but I’m certain that The Word works the same on any soul. What do you think? If Macitājs pronounces the forgiveness…… Continue reading the view from the pew 12-24-16