the daily purge 1-31-19

Enemy Unknown? Well, howzabowt shining the spotlight from the other side? Putting the light behind these guys causes a lot of glare not unlike driving west near sunset. That stupid sun keeps poking its head out from trees, buildings, stoplights and the cars in front of you. You lower your visor and scooch a bit…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-31-19

the daily purge 1-30-19

The Purging Lutheran, My Sweet Rib and The Lad are holed up in the house for the day while Polar Vortex Pearl visits Central Indiana. I don’t have cable access to The Weather Channel (TWC) so I do not know if they’ve named this weather system. TWC loves to give names to weather events. Hurricanes,…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-30-19

the daily purge 1-29-19

The Purging Lutheran is tossing out one of My Sweet Rib’s pocketbooks/purses/clutches/grips/hides bought long ago. Why does she buy so many fashion accessories? Why do hipsters buy fanciful coffees? Why do baby boomers keep talking about themselves? Why do bees make honey? Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? Why do stars…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-29-19

the daily purge 1-28-19

How does a person ruin two meat thermometers? By aggressive cooking! The beatnik world gave us aggressive ‘poetry slams’ where irresponsible poets spoke, sometimes yelled, other times moaned out irresponsible poetry. Jolly old England gave us aggressive punk music written by irresponsible punks with silly band names such as Sore Throat, The Ducky Boys, Jughead’s…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-28-19

the view from the pew, holy cross lutheran church, 1-26-19

Saturday 5:30 service, Pastor Sattler This weekend was either the beginning or the ending of Lutheran Schools Week, a time when Lutheran churches shine a light on Lutheran education. I think it started last week. At any rate, it was a wonderful service. Our school’s kindergartners sang three songs for the congregation. It wasn’t so…… Continue reading the view from the pew, holy cross lutheran church, 1-26-19

the daily purge 1-25-19

Question: How much jewelry can My Sweet Rib give to Goodwill so it’s CEO can make $11,000,000 per year? Answer: Much Although this necklace resembles The Empress Carlotta necklace from a few days back it is even resemblier of The Purging Lutheran’s signature when I pay for meals, Gas O’lean, and bonbons from CVS. My…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-25-19

the daily purge 1-24-19

The Purging Lutheran grew up in an ethnic society where drinking was part of the triune lifestyle of drinking-eating-smoking. Drinking existed without eating and smoking yet did not exist without eating and smoking. If you want to know more about the triune-ness of my upbringing please refer to The Athanasian Creed and insert ‘drinking’ for…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-24-19