the daily purge 4-29-16


OK, this is the last day for giving away clothes. Any more and my wardrobe will resemble that of Adam’s, pre-sin. My sister, Inara, will be the (proud) owner of the three shirts tossed out by His Purgeness.

Today’s theme celebrates All-Hallowed Eve’s Day, simply known as Halloween. Jack O. Lantern proudly grins his spookly smile. What is the significance of a carved-out punkin with a candle brain? I hate to get in a copyright scrape with the fellas down at Wiki, so long story short it means “foolish fire”. Given enough time and thought you can make that make sense.

Howzabowt Halloween? Whatsit about that? (he asked like a goober). To most people it’s just fun time. Wheee! To others, it’s a time for destruction. Burning down the house or applying firecrackers to your neighbor’s tail if he’s dress up as a lion or very long snake. Still to others it is a religious holiday. Huh? Some people call on spooky spirits from the after-life to rustle up trouble in the present-life. Stay away from them and their spirits. Others, who know a little about religion say they aren’t doing anything wrong by dressing up as

  1. A tortoise
  2. A ghost
  3. A Meryl Streep
  4. A pair of dice
  5. A pirate – yarrr!
  6. A megaphone – YARRR!

They are likely to say it’s a religious holiday and God won’t mind because it’s about saints. You know, the people God likes. So it’s alright if they dress up and have fun. They typically end the evening getting absolutely diaper-filling wasted and snoring on the front lawn, truly a religious experience. Finally, and I find this hard to believe but the National Retail Federation claims we Americans spend about $350,000,000 on Halloween costumes for our pets. Yipers! It comes out to about $1 per pet but that anyone would spend anything on disguising the house hound, Ol’ Yeller, or the family feline, Mr. Pinkus is beyond me. But if you asked My Sweet Rib, The Lad or Our Marta about costumes for pets they’d just say, “He’s just Dad. He’s no fun.”

Romans 14:2   One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats vegetables only.



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