the daily purge 3-29-17


Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

–P.J. O’Rourke

These are My Sweet Rib’s books. You can tell that she is a big fan of Sue Grafton because she has read up to the letter ‘X’. Have ‘Y’ and/or ‘Z’ been released? The The Purging Lutheran could look it up for you but what would you do with that time? If I knew you’d be reading that’s one thing, but if you use your spare time selling paintings of Elvis or bullfighters from the trunk of your car, that’s quite another.

I’ve not read these books but I know not to read Robin Cook books. MSR, if I ask, will tell me what the Robin Cook books are about. They always consist of a sharp needle entering a sensitive body part. Thanks, but I’ll drill my own teeth. Ugh.

2 Kings 5:9-14

So Naaman with his horses and chariots arrived in style and stopped at Elisha’s door.

Elisha sent out a servant to meet him with this message: “Go to the River Jordan and immerse yourself seven times. Your skin will be healed and you’ll be as good as new.”

Naaman lost his temper. He turned on his heel saying, “I thought he’d personally come out and meet me, call on the name of God, wave his hand over the diseased spot, and get rid of the disease. The Damascus rivers, Abana and Pharpar, are cleaner by far than any of the rivers in Israel. Why not bathe in them? I’d at least get clean.” He stomped off, mad as a hornet.

But his servants caught up with him and said, “Father, if the prophet had asked you to do something hard and heroic, wouldn’t you have done it? So why not this simple ‘wash and be clean’?”

So he did it. He went down and immersed himself in the Jordan seven times, following the orders of the Holy Man. His skin was healed; it was like the skin of a little baby. He was as good as new.




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