the daily purge 3-31-17


The The Purging Lutheran is going to quote Pastor McClean to start this purge. You probably think it will be a Bible verse or perhaps even a deep, meaningful statement of philosophy bound to change your life. TPL won’t go into the context in which he said this but it was, “The stupidness that is me“. TPL will claim his quote as mine, but just for today. When TPL goes to Heaven he’ll find out that he spent ‘X’ amount of time looking for blank paper on which to write notes. Old envelopes, church service folders, pieces of cardboard from an Amazon delivery box. You know the drill. TPL is afraid that time will be equal to what TPL could have used discovering a gold mine, writing a money-winning book of poetry, or even inventing a gadget that keeps stuff from sliding off the dinner table. So vãt ees eet TPL eest pürging? A notebook full of note paper. My Sweet Rib brought this from the dungeon for her TPL to dispose.

No, TPL doesn’t deserve any sympathy for time wasted looking for note taking. TPL doesn’t like deserve any more time God has allotted for me on his green, green grass of home.  TPL will just have to deal with it. There you have it.

Job 14:5

Mortals have a limited life span. You’ve already decided how long we’ll live – you set the boundary and no one can cross it.


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