the daily purge 3-15-17


What do you think when you read the words “Ball State University”? David Letterman and his poor grades? Dan Palombizio and his basketball antics? Howzabowt Ball Jars, the ones your ma uses to preserve tomatoes, berries and beans? Those are pretty good guesses. My opinion is Muncie is best remembered as the town where Steven Speilberg introduced aliens to Earth in his motion picture, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind“. Alien space ships not only visited Muncie first but they spent most of their time zooming around the mountains of Central Indiana. If you are reading this in Idaho you might think to your self, “Ooh, spooky”. If you are reading this in Yorktown (located just south of Muncie) you will think to your self, “What mountains?”. Exactly! There are no mountains in Indiana. We have hills but you must drive to Southern Indiana where the old-time glaciers skidded to a stop thousands of years ago to see them.

Ball State University is a fine university. It is the school where Our Marta rec’d her degree in Greek women’s studies(?). The The Purging Lutheran knows she started as a music major, and like most kollege kids, she switched her degree after her sophomore year. You’ll need to ask her or her mother, My Sweet Rib, what she studied. This makes me look like an uncaring dad. Nothing is further from the truth. I am merely a ‘big picture’ guy. She went to school, was graduated from it, moved to Chicago, and is doing her family proud. Go get’em, Marta! Woot!

Psalm 16:15-16
Get wisdom—it’s worth more than money;
choose insight over income every time.
The road of right living bypasses evil;
watch your step and save your life.


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