the daily purge 3-28-17


Yo! More wires! If you took all the wires in the world and laid them end-to-end, they’d just end up in a tangled mess. Wires are like cats, babies and hippies: They don’t care about your rules, old man!

The The Purging Lutheran believes these wires were/are part of an automobile repair kit. I am not sure how these wires will fix your car. I think these can be used to determine that your car’s battery is, indeed, dead but that doesn’t help you if you’re trying to escape a brawl broken out at a Philatelist Lives Matter event between ‘adhesive back’ adherents and ‘gummed back’ followers, or commonly known in their parlance as ‘the ‘sticks’ and ‘the licks’. Don’t expect to be sent home in a box by the sponsors if you don’t have the right postage, mister.

Anyhoo, more wires then, morer wires now, and morest wires later.

You might ask me: Wire you doing this to us?

Us: Shut up!

1 Samuel 17:51-53

…When the Philistines saw that their great champion was dead, they scattered, running for their lives.

The men of Israel and Judah were up on their feet, shouting! They chased the Philistines all the way to the outskirts of Gath and the gates of Ekron. Wounded Philistines were strewn along the Shaaraim road all the way to Gath and Ekron. After chasing the Philistines, the Israelites came back and looted their camp.


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