the daily purge 3-3-17


You might think for as much as The Purging Lutheran purges he might need all the trash cans he can get his hands on. That’s exactly what I think when I look at this picture. As it is, My Sweet Rib and I have the right number of trash cans for our home so this one was expendable. What happens when a plastic trash can (or plastic anything) sits on top of a garbage heap? It sits and slowly, very slowly, dis-integrates over the years. It might take as long as 60,000 years before it becomes nothingness (a state of being nothing). Though I don’t believe the petrochemicals, commonly called ‘fossil fuels’, that were used to make this trash can were made from dead dinosaurs, there are many web log writers and readers who do fancy that folly. For them I will give this trash can the dinosaur name “plastikosauros“, from the Greek words ‘plastiko‘ meaning “capable of being shaped or molded” and ‘sauros‘ meaning “lizard or reptile”. I hate to ruin your weekend but when you wake up and think you heard your or someone else’s stomach making gurgling sounds you’re going to have to consider whether it might even be the trash can in your bathroom causing all the ruckus. Aw, don’t worry about it. If nothing’s happened by now, it probably won’t.

Psalm 74:13-14   With one blow you split the sea in two, you made mincemeat of the dragon Tannin. You lopped off the heads of Leviathan, then served them up in a stew for the animals.


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