the daily 2020 in a nutshell, 7-3-20

2020 in a nutshell . The rest of today’s therapy circles the drain with another trip through the neighborhood. It doesn’t sound exciting, and mostly was not, but we did find an abandoned golf course on which we drove. Does the word ‘abandoned’ rhyme with ‘spooky’? Read on, Persistent Reader, you might be fascinated by…… Continue reading the daily 2020 in a nutshell, 7-3-20

the daily consumer value store, 6-9-20

Today we go to CVS to pick up my “Whoa there, Hoss!” medication*. But first we need to get there. What happens along the way? Not much. Not much except this sad, droopy tree wilting from the heat. . Before we get out on to the busy street we abandon out rights as gated-community citizens.…… Continue reading the daily consumer value store, 6-9-20

the daily cross (part two), 3-19-20

Me, day four of the national lockdown.   Now, more crosses on the wall. Susan bought this cross for me when she was in Seville, Spain. Did she buy it from a barber? I doubt it but you never know if a barber might be working in a trinket shop to earn a few extra…… Continue reading the daily cross (part two), 3-19-20

the daily purge 3-2-20

Well, it’s vacation over and back to work for The Purging Lutheran. In Florida My Sweet Rib worked on her tan, bought a condominium, learned her ‘Mojito limit’ (two) and looked gorgeous doing it all. While filling out the papers for the loan, insurance and assorted administrativia involved in home buying, I smiled politely and signed…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-2-20

the daily purge 1-7-20

Phones come. Phones go. Every few years Big Wireless sends updates to The Purging Lutheran’s phone causing them to become hopelessly out-of-date necessitating me to purchase a new one. And then a other one and a other one. What a racket, Jack! These particular phones are from The Lad Collection, my son’s cells through the…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-7-20

the daily purge 12-10-19

Opening tip. Hey, Gomer! It’s a neck lace tree. The Purging Lutheran isn’t sure where it came from. I didn’t buy it for My Sweet Rib, did I? But if I did not who did it come from? Time out. What happened on this date in 1521? Please read further. Exsurge Domine (Latin for “Arise, O…… Continue reading the daily purge 12-10-19

the daily purge 7-18-19

Harry Bosch is a tough-as-nails detective working out of Los Angeles. What’s wrong with ‘the city of angels’? Jim Morrison says it best: Motel, money, murder, madness Let’s change the mood from glad to sadness This three-in-one book written by M. Connelly contains no shortage of murders, mayhem, drug dealing, past lives experiences, hot dog…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-18-19

the daily purge 6-26-19

First of all, it need not be evening for people to be strange. The Purging Lutheran asked Jim Morrison what he thought about strange people. His response was, “People are strange when you’re a stranger. Faces look ugly when you’re alone. Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted. Streets are uneven when you’re down.” Thank you, Jimbo. Anyway, I…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-26-19

the daily purge 6-13-19

The Lad’s goods are at it again. First a tent, then bright spotlights and now it’s a … well, just what is this? If his was a Formula 1 truck it could be a DRS (drag reduction system). Huh? Just look it up. If the rear window of his truck was a set of porch…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-13-19