the daily flight home, 7-10-20

From the condo in Southwest Florida … . … to the plane, up, up and away … . … and with the help of angels I am carried safely through the lower of the three heavens, … . … who bring me to a screeching halt … . … and, finally, an Über ride to…… Continue reading the daily flight home, 7-10-20

the daily everything is coming along nicely (i think), 5-19-20

This morning was a big day at The Purging Lutheran’s southern outpost. My Sweet Rib had scheduled throughout the day for the fellow to come fix the ice maker, another guy to work on the air conditioner, and to have a new bed delivered in the afternoon. By the time I rolled out of bed by 9-something…… Continue reading the daily everything is coming along nicely (i think), 5-19-20

the daily purge 1-17-20

Sometimes The Purging Lutheran comes across an item in the impulse baskets at checkout I cannot resist buying. What’s not to love about Wippity Wipes? They ‘wipe like a towel’, ‘dry like a chamois’ and ‘absorb like a sponge’. Let’s see the U. S. Constitution* do that. But above all, who can turn their eyes…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-17-20

the daily purge 1-8-20

Short version: Read the Bible. Long version: Years ago when My Sweet Rib and The Purging Lutheran came to Jesus we were excited about reading the Bible and bought books to help understand what we were reading. We bought books, mostly from the Lutheran point of view, about the gospels and, well, what’s more important…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-8-20

the daily admonishments 12-13-19

If you grow up long enough you’ll have plenty people give you stern warnings about what is safe and what is sorry. Don’t run with scissors. Don’t run with a lollipop in your mouth. Don’t run with unstable dynamite. Those sort of things. You might notice that ‘running’ is the common denominator in these three…… Continue reading the daily admonishments 12-13-19

the daily purge 10-29-19

The Purging Lutheran gathered up the games The Lad doesn’t play anymore and sent them away. Here is one of them. The Call of Duty Corporation, likely based out of Walla Walla, Washington, keeps crankin’ these babies out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the occasional 9pm carb-attack. Their commercials are splattered on many sports networks…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-29-19

the daily purge 10-16-19

My Sweet Rib gave this necklace up some time ago. The Purging Lutheran believes it went to our church’s gararge sale. Maybe it went to Goodwill. Perhaps Our Marta owns it now, but I doubt it. What became of my memorical synapses? What do Fred, Sam and Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills say about ‘memory’? “The…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-16-19

the daily purge 7-2-19

A perfect example of human failure is right here in this picture. The Purging Lutheran bought this Clear Household Silicone, put it on a gararge shelf, and years later is getting rid of it. And why? I’m not sure. It’s probably because of the bottom illustration on the packaging. No, it’s not because I don’t…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-2-19

the daily purge 6-25-19

The Purging Lutheran can never purge too much Wilma Flinstone jewelry. Why did I ever buy this sort of clunkery for My Sweet Rib? My fashion sense is tone deaf. MSR prefers her accessories to be dainty like a flutterby and delicate as a flower, much like she. Is it possible I was a victim…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-25-19

the daily purge 6-19-19

This spring has been relieved of its duty and been purged. Summer is just a day or two away from poking its head out of the sky and proclaiming, “I’m right here!”. Until then let The Purging Lutheran give a late welcome to our present season, Spring. I will do this by introducing this comic…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-19-19