the daily purge 1-15-20

It’s been a g’billion years since The Purging Lutheran read this. It has already been sent away to a somewhere for a someone to read sometime so the details are sketchy. Anyhoo, I shall sally forth with my thoughts on Christianity’s mix with popular culture. I will do my best getting to the point: Question: So,…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-15-20

the daily purge 1-8-20

Short version: Read the Bible. Long version: Years ago when My Sweet Rib and The Purging Lutheran came to Jesus we were excited about reading the Bible and bought books to help understand what we were reading. We bought books, mostly from the Lutheran point of view, about the gospels and, well, what’s more important…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-8-20

the daily admonishments 12-13-19

If you grow up long enough you’ll have plenty people give you stern warnings about what is safe and what is sorry. Don’t run with scissors. Don’t run with a lollipop in your mouth. Don’t run with unstable dynamite. Those sort of things. You might notice that ‘running’ is the common denominator in these three…… Continue reading the daily admonishments 12-13-19

the daily pickle 11-15-19

What with the holidays approaching and families gathering, let’s do our best to leave our political-religious-scientific beliefs at the doorstep. Enjoy your turducken, tofu taters, greenus-beanus, and any peculiar recipe your red-haired aunt serves. The last thing any tribal assembly needs is a serving of k-nuckle sandwiches. Love your brother and mother and sister and…… Continue reading the daily pickle 11-15-19

the daily purge 10-25-19

Yeah, you’re right, ‘What?’. The Purging Lutheran isn’t sure what it is or where it came from. It’s a piece of plastic with a blade and four holes. I think it is a wire cutter. Was it purposely designed to look like a human face? Probably so. Humans are humans and their default mode are themselves.…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-25-19

the daily purge 10-22-19

The Purging Lutheran is a bit of a grump today*. My joints hurt, Kaden Superpup is barking incessantly and I’ve either had too much or too little coffee. Despite my complaint department being wide open, I shan’t tarry from my duty/therapy of offering top-notch insights of Christian-themed items I’ve abandoned to garage sales and Goodwill. Alrighty-roo,…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-22-19

the daily purge 8-28-19

This is a book about Christianity. Now, The Purging Lutheran could stop here and save my Persistent Readers* their valuable time which could be used boning up on their NFL fantasy teams, ordering easy-to-make meals online or studying up for shortwave operator licenses. But, alas, I shall keep writing. It’s a sickness. Anyhoo, let me…… Continue reading the daily purge 8-28-19