the daily felling, 5-26-20

Our neighborhood woke up to these gentlemen buzz-sawing away on a tree across the way. Following modern day journalistic standards, I didn’t bother to find out why they are doing this so I’ll just throw something out there. I’m guessing the tree was a danger to this home. I don’t have the appropriate angle of view to justify this proclamation but it fits my narrative that ‘humans can and will do whatever they please’. Perhaps this was meant as a message to the other trees along the street –

Settle down and don’t cause trouble. Know your place!

This is a picture of the trunk of the tree being hoisted away surely to meet an ignominious end in a chipper or as a chair for someone’s bottom.


The fellow to the left is standing precisely where the tree was moments before. I’ll assume he was one of the workers who helped its destruction along but I will not discount the possibility that he is a replacement for the tree. If he is still in that spot a day or two from now then my suspicion will be confirmed.

This confrontation between man and nature reminded me of a film titled, “The Happening“, directed by Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan and starring Mark Wahlberg. It tells a tale of trees developing toxins which cause humans to commit suicide. That’s some nasty payback for mankind leveling innumerable hectares of woodlands for the sake of strip-malls.


In other news, I saved my wife a $5,000 trip to Greece to see their fancy-dan ruins. This plant stand was left behind by the previous owner. My Sweet Rib and I used it to set our drinks on while we negotiated terms of a patio table. I went out the other evening to have a smoke and a cup of something when my left knee bonked it. It fell over and broke.

Tell me this doesn’t resemble most Greek tourist traps.


2 Samuel 18:9

Absalom ran into David’s men, but was out in front of them riding his mule, when the mule ran under the branches of a huge oak tree. Absalom’s head was caught in the oak and he was left dangling between heaven and earth, the mule running right out from under him. A solitary soldier saw him and reported it to Joab, “I just saw Absalom hanging from an oak tree!”


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