the daily dumbrella (and ho-ho! meme), 5-29-20


Mornings north of Ruskin begin on the back porch with a cup of coffee and two cigarettes. We have nice shade from the trees (Hey, you friends!) until the Earth spins to a point when we have no shade but … voila! … we’ve got this handy and dandy umbrella left behind by Ms. Previous Owner. Until around 11:30 AM it is still cool enough to park a behind at the table. After that not so much. My Sweet Rib and I are learning the ways of the weather here. Between 3 and 5 PM, or so, the wind picks up followed by a heavy rain so it is a good idear to de-crank the umbrella so it doesn’t fly away Mary Poppins-style. What is behind the umbrella at this morning?


Big, puffy clouds!

Pastor Sattler once talked about big, puffy clouds. He said they didn’t affect the weather in any way but that God makes them to pretty up the sky for us.

I agree.


Psalm 147:7-11

Sing to God a thanksgiving hymn,
    play music on your instruments to God,
Who fills the sky with clouds,
    preparing rain for the earth,
Then turning the mountains green with grass,
    feeding both cattle and crows.
He’s not impressed with horsepower;
    the size of our muscles means little to him.
Those who fear God get God’s attention;
    they can depend on his strength.




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