the daily purge 12-29-16


One of the great things about the holy days is My Sweet Rib takes a couple weeks off to rest and relax and get a fresh coat of Ziebart to make it through the coming year. The Purging L likes her time off because I am held to a lower standard of ‘gittin stuff done’ around the house. Today, for example, I have nothing handy to purge so I asks MSR what I otter get rid of.

Stimulus: That small bookcase in our bedroom.

Response: Ach! Wie wunderbar! 

I know exactly which one she is talking about. Except I’m too lazy to trundle upstairs to take a right proper pitcher of it. Or am I? Maybe this is the bookcase she’s talking about. She enjoys making sense of them squiggly lines what are upon them pages and unless she is working, or driving me to an appointment, or visiting the chiropractor, or puttering (oy vey! does she putter! It’s dangerous to get caught in her puttering eddies. You might end up on a shelf or taped up in a box or shoved under the bed for future goodwill consideration), or petting cats then she is reading, reading, reading.

But I must not lie. That is w-rong. The bookcase she referred to is thirty-six inches tall and eighteen inches wide. And no, I will not pass it off as a separate purge down the road. Consider me confessed.

Proverbs 28:13   Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,
but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.



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