the view from the gift exchange 12-24-16

Every year at Christmas time, TPL’s family, nuclear and extended, gather for food and sharing and yicking and yacking. We also have a gift exchange. Rather than buying individual gifts for 12 to 15 other peeps, we decide on a theme the year before and buy one gift we hope will satisfy the person who chooses it. Except. Except they are wrapped so unless it is opened there is no way to know if it will their bill. So it requires some amount of creativity to try to fill in the blanks of everyone’s needs or desires. But that’s not possible so what I do is pick out what I think is fun and work the theme around it. One rule we have is that the gift needs to be justified, usually with a note attached to each gift. Our theme for this year was ‘RE’. That’s it. R E. We have to figure it out for ourselves. Most themes were based on ‘return’ or ‘recycle’ or some such other ‘re-‘ word. My niece, Edbert (real name ‘Edite’), put together a gift bag that included chocolate, a plastic 737 jet, a ‘cats wearing odd hats’ puzzle and some etceteras. With each item she attached a note that explained something about the chemical element, rhenium with the symbol ‘Re’. Being a metallurgist this only made sense to her. These are the notes she attached with each gift. I hope you enjoy them. Our family did.



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