the purging lutheran (hot dog ed.)


This is an American flag-themed table cloth. To save time, ThePurgingLutheran will avoid re-stating the original seven colonies from yesterday’s purge. Well-meaning persons would use it for a July 4 picnic or to celebrate a family member joining our armored forces. Anti-American hot heads might use it as a convenient way to desecrate the flag by “inadvertently” squirting mustard on it or “oopsingly” knocking over a cup of hot chocolate on it. No matter your opinion about any of this let’s just be mature about it. Now, time for an unusual flag fact:
During the opening sequence (about 22 seconds in) of first-season episodes of “Gilligan’s Island,” the U.S. Flag can be seen flying at half-staff off in the distance. This is because the show’s pilot episode finished filming on November 22, 1963 — the same day that President Kennedy was assassinated.
senttothe’willforresale 12-10-15



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