the daily p**ping pup, 2-26-20



WARNING! This post is rated “P” for ‘pdisgusting’, pfoul’, ‘pweird’ and ‘pyuck’. Please do not let your children see this. Better yet, set fire to your IPhone, tablet or desktop computer after having read this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Susan and I had a day pass* to visit our new neighborhood yesterday. We went to one of the clubhouses to have dinner and a couple drinks. Later we visited an area outside the bar to have a smoke. There was a woman about our age who was

1. wearing a crazy-red haired dye job. I’m not lying when I say I saw it from 50 yards away.

2. incredibly drunk and profane. She was so drunk she told wouldn’t stop telling us how us how drunk she was and did so blasphemously. Oy!

3. convinced we needed to see her husband’s tattoo. Susan’s response to her after seeing it was ‘Why?’. Mine was ‘Will he grow his hair out?’. Her husband has a bald head and along the back of it from left to right just short of each ear was a tattoo of

1) a lady riding a John Deere riding mower, (her)

2) a man pushing a lawn mower, (him)

4) a small dog sniffing the ground (pet #2)

3) and a tattooed version of the picture below. (pet #1)



The tat was obviously done with great care and detail. It was grotesque, dreadful and appalling but at the same time, as with any horrific car accident, I was unable to look away.

There was more to this woman’s life story and as a favor to her Susan and I got up and walked away.


Proverbs 15:2

Knowledge flows like spring water from the wise;
    fools are leaky faucets, dripping nonsense.



*ittsa gated community

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