the daily purge 1-11-18

The world population as of 12:18 PM: 7,594,275,048 On average there are between 8 to 10 Persistent Readers who read The Purging Lutheran on a semi-regular basis. Those people (you), out of nearly 7.6 billion souls on the Earth, have an ‘in’ on items being purged. For example, The Purging Lutheran is purging The Lad’s unused…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-11-18

the daily purge 1-10-18

Well, here is a pretty Our Marta skirt. It is equal parts shiny, ribbons, lockets and leopard. This falls under the category of ‘dainty’. Sometimes OM is a dainty ribbon, sometimes she is a dainty leopard. But mostly she is shiny. Shiny is good. Shiny is innocent. If she has any carriages on her train…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-10-18

the daily purge 1-9-18

YaY! Not a shirt! The Purging Lutheran is giving up a book shelf. It has been in The Lad’s room for many years but his computer accessories have gobbled up too much room for it to remain. What sort of books might have been on it? TL had books about the military on it. Probably…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-9-18

the daily purge 1-8-18

My Sweet Rib is still ailing. You know this because The Purging Lutheran is still purging from My Marta’s most recent pile of ‘Clothes For Other People’, also known as ‘cfop’. MSR, if she were feeling tiptop, would have certainly puttered about our home divining which items don’t serve a useful purpose any longer or…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-8-18

the daily purge 1-5-18

It’s a delicate, dainty blouse My Marta wore years ago. It’s delicate and dainty except for that MASSIVE BLACK TAG!!! Good gravy! The Purging Lutheran can understand why MM quit wearing it. The tag must have felt like a garden rake scraping against the back of her neck. After a few years and some scruff lotion…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-5-18

January 4, 2018

Luke 6:38 – Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you   I don’t suppose this is definitive proof that I am stretched out in bed wracked by Rhinovirus Mel…… Continue reading January 4, 2018

the daily purge 1-3-18

The Purging Lutheran’s plans to purge anything besides Our Marta’s pants from the past has been waylaid by Rhinovirus Mel*. An artist’s depiction of R. Mel is below. So, back to OM’s old red shirt. It looks to be in pretty good shape, no wear or tear noted by a casual glance. I suspect she…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-3-18