the daily purge 5-16-18

Nina was certainly a prolific painter. And well-traveled. We move from her paintings of a moun·tain·ous area to one of the more confusing countries, or set of countries, or regions within a country we have ever known. When you see an old-timey windmill you instantly think ‘Holland’, right? But is Holland actually a country? Wikipedia says…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-16-18

the daily purge 5-15-18

The Purging Lutheran is purging/giving this ‘Nina’ to Our Marta. She is looking to cover her Chicago walls with fine art. The last ‘Nina’ I purged had tall mountains in it. This painting has mountains in it, maybe the same mountains as in the last one but also has what appears to be a new…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-15-18

the daily purge 5-14-18

Zoo is a science fiction thriller novel by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge published in September 2012. It was a gift from The Lad to My Sweet Rib many, many books ago. What’s it about? Animals go nuts and 1) unionize and go on strike thus depriving humans of hamburgers? 2) refuse to become comfort…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-14-18

the view from the pew 5-12-18

Saturday service, 5:30 with Pastor McClean. Our hymns were … “Glorify Thy Name” – opening song “Jesus, Name Above All Names” – song for the Word “Thy Word” – offering song ”Do This in Remembrance of Me” – distribution song ”Lord Reign in Me” – closing song … thanks, Paul and Pastor. Pastor read scripture,…… Continue reading the view from the pew 5-12-18

the daily purge 5-11-18

Hey and you snatch your rattling last breaths With deep-sea diver sounds And the flowers bloom like Madness in the spring Aqualung (Jethro Tull)   Do you love me? Do you love me not? That’s what I’m longin’ to know. If you love me, love me a lot You’ll prove it by lettin’ the daisies…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-11-18

the daily purge 5-10-18

“ars gratia artis” – “l’art pour l’art” – “art for art’s sake” – “complete in itself” Were these mountains formed through tectonic forces or volcanism? The Purging Lutheran is no geologist but I believe these are a result of land masses being squished (squashed) together and the only direction to go is up, side-by-side, like grains of wheat…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-10-18

the daily purge 5-9-18

The Purging Lutheran is going to be awfully embarrassed if this is the original copy of The Bill of Rights. I don’t suspect it is but if you think it is you’d otter run up to Goodwill and snatch it up. Did Thomas Jefferson write it or did he just sign his name to a…… Continue reading the daily purge 5-9-18