Sate Nilver Primary Projections – 4/13/2016

Pros:  It’s not everyday you get to talk about major party presidential candidates comparing, ahem, “hand sizes” during a debate. Cons:  Major party presidential candidates are comparing, ahem, “hand sizes” during a debate. According to our latest polls-plus forecast,  America has a greater than 99% chance of disappointing our forefathers. Nilver Lining:  The United States…… Continue reading Sate Nilver Primary Projections – 4/13/2016


Welcome to The Purging Lutheran. For the last few years I have been threatening my spouse with a web page, away from the two Tumblrs I operate, thepurginglutheran and thegatwickview. If you go to thepurginglutheran tumblr you can read what the purges are all about. This web page is about expanding beyond that. As of…… Continue reading hello