the daily purge 7-10-19

The Purging Lutheran (me) is forgoing weeks of potential paint supplies purges and using this picture to represent all the brushes, edgers and more brushes My Sweet Rib (her) tossed out in a fit of puttering. These painting trays are what do-it-yourself house painting is all about. You paint for an hour or two, take…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-10-19

the daily purge 7-3-19

Was this a painting accessory or was it a chew toy or was it both? If it was only a chew toy was it meant for then-TPL-pup, Daisy, or did one of the household humans try to eat it? Have you ever just run out of ideas regarding what-you-do on a near daily basis? Do…… Continue reading the daily purge 7-3-19

the illustrated lutheran 6-27-19

  In my family we had two parents and five children, a total of seven lutherans. We celebrated birthdays once a year in July. Not for all of us but for just three of us – my father, Pete, my mother, Magdalena, and my eldest sister, Rita. This was because my father would have a…… Continue reading the illustrated lutheran 6-27-19

the daily purge 6-19-19

This spring has been relieved of its duty and been purged. Summer is just a day or two away from poking its head out of the sky and proclaiming, ā€œIā€™m right here!ā€. Until then let The Purging Lutheran give a late welcome to our present season, Spring. I will do this by introducing this comic…… Continue reading the daily purge 6-19-19

the daily purge 3-8-19

The Purging Lutheran does my due diligence when it comes to poring over facts and figures on items I am throwing away. Usually, there’s too much information to use during my 30 – 120 minutes of therapy. I looked up what I thought would be oodles of synonyms for the word ‘moccasin’. All I found…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-8-19

the daily purge 1-14-19

My sister got lucky, married a yuppie Took him for all he was worth Now she’s a swinger dating a singer I can’t decide which is worse My sister’s ex-husband can’t get no lovin’ Walks around dog-faced and hurt Now he’s got nothin’, head in the oven I can’t decide which is worse Yer So…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-14-19