the daily purge 1-14-19

My sister got lucky, married a yuppie Took him for all he was worth Now she’s a swinger dating a singer I can’t decide which is worse My sister’s ex-husband can’t get no lovin’ Walks around dog-faced and hurt Now he’s got nothin’, head in the oven I can’t decide which is worse Yer So…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-14-19

the daily purge 1-4-19

The Purging Lutheran doesn’t know more about the beginning of life on Earth than I read on political websites. From what I gather there are only two options: The ‘young Earth’ theory where everything was build in six 24 hour days. According to Bishop James Ussher who, by counting the years of the ages of…… Continue reading the daily purge 1-4-19

the daily purge 10-26-18

Being a responsible web-blobber, The Purging Lutheran does my best to study up on items I’m unknowledgeable about. This being one of The Lad’s games I am not familiar with how it is played though I do know it is a ‘shoot ’em up’ game. It includes vehicles, pistols, rifles, explosives, and other traditional shooter…… Continue reading the daily purge 10-26-18

the daily purge 4-13-18

It’s National Friday the 13th Day here on Gatewick Avenue. In honor of this bless-ed secular holiday The Purging Lutheran is running a contest. If you can guess, correctly, how many birdseed seeds are in this bucket, you win a free t-shirt with a fancy-dan TPL signature. In case of a tie, contestants will be…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-13-18

the daily purge 4-12-18

Does The Purging Lutheran have massive palms or just squatty fingers? The world may never know. Our neighborhood has an irritated Mailman Mike or a bandito who pulls shenanigans with my and my neighbors’ mailbox flags. My Sweet Rib found our flag in our box, torn from its mooring. Other parts of the flag’s components were…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-12-18

the daily purge 4-6-18

Ants are orderly. The Boy Scouts of America are orderly. Medical orderlies are orderly. Synchronized swimmers are orderly. High school hall monitors are orderly. Mathematics are orderly. The U.S. military is orderly. What’s not orderly? Silverware! When spoons, forks and knives get together they behave like cats in a dog pound. The Purging Lutheran has…… Continue reading the daily purge 4-6-18

the daily purge 3-23-18

”Woblongs blong but they dont blong wob!” * It can’t be a real woblong (an oblong, plastic throwing toy). It can’t even be a false woblong (a twisted piece of metal which, if thrown, could cause a serious injury). While fooding the cats this morning in the basement, The Purging Lutheran eyeballed this … it. I…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-23-18

the daily purge 3-16-18

What is The Purging Lutheran giving to our next door neighbor? At first blush it appears to be a jail cell for a peanut butter sandwich. I guess it could be but BEWARE Big Creamy retain the best lawyers in the land. This is why you’ll never see a pb sandwich in the big house.…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-16-18

the daily purge 3-9-18

There is no photo trickery here.  I used my night-vision I-phone to capture this old printer at rest. The Purging Lutheran had to sneak up on it last evening so it wouldn’t be startled and run off a dozen sheets of blank paper. I’m not sure why My Sweet Rib wants to purge this printer.…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-9-18

the daily purge 3-2-18

Just so you know, every Friday is ‘tap every category Friday’. Everytime The Purging Lutheran purges I add a category or two in line with the product being purged that day. I certainly have persistent Persistent Readers but only a few of them. By using a wildly random list of categories I am hoping to…… Continue reading the daily purge 3-2-18