the daily ho-hummer-drummer, 6-3-20

Not everyday has to be “Wheeeee!” where ever you live. Even if you are a retiree. Some days must be set aside for the nermal things in life. Today was a day of errands. It almost always requires a car so here we are on the way to Spectrum to drop off some internet equipment. This picture = boring. Next slide, please.



Say what you want about Florida and our ‘strange ways’ but we take care of our own. Need a potty break on the way somewheres? Pull over and p**. Next.



Roads require dirt. Dirt? We got dirt.


If you are concerned about The Wuhan, here is a place which might put your mind at ease or might not depending on the result. Florida seems to be pretty progressive when it comes to healthcare. Hospitals? Got a zillion of ‘em. Dentists? Yup. Colonoscopy centers? No shortage of scopes to, you know, do that thing. Ankle, knee and other joint repair and rehabilitation shops? Crowded like gnats on a sweaty kid. And if any of the experts in these buildings really make a muck of it we have untold numbers of mortuaries. Brother, we are covered from your first slap on the behind until your last breath. Next slide.



Until the lockdown comes to a merciful end there is not much else to do than participate in medicinal meditation.



Big Box Hammer has the goods we needed. We went to buy graphite for our sliding doors in the gararge and picked up some other useful items. Susan self-checked out and got hassled by the cash register. She couldn’t convince the machine that we weren’t in control of the paper roll for the receipt-erator. A lovely, young lady came to our rescue. Whew! Embarrassment followed by gratitude. Shopping can be an adventure, huh?



Our daughter, Marta, dates a young man called ‘Billy’. He is a very kind fellow, delicate with my girl and … a vegan. He eats no meats, milks or any of their messy bi-products. That’s good.

Yeah, there’s another one of ‘those’ stickers. Okey-doke. Last slide, please and thank you.



Susan signed our home up for a lightning rod. Come on, static cling, do your best. Jerk electrostatic discharge

And that’s our day. Take your meds, kiss your loved ones goodnight, and sleep well.


Jeremiah 10:11-15

“Tell them this, ‘The stick gods
    who made nothing, neither sky nor earth,
Will come to nothing
    on the earth and under the sky.’”
But it is God whose power made the earth,
    whose wisdom gave shape to the world,
    who crafted the cosmos.
He thunders, and rain pours down.
    He sends the clouds soaring.
He embellishes the storm with lightnings,
    launches wind from his warehouse.
Stick-god worshipers looking mighty foolish,
    god-makers embarrassed by their handmade gods!
Their gods are frauds—dead sticks,
    deadwood gods, tasteless jokes.
    When the fires of judgment come, they’ll be ashes.

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