the daily a little of what we do down here, 6-1-20

For Heidi

Heidi is our good friend in Central Indiana. She is married to José (Hello, José!), owns many nice children, a dog, two cars, has a quaint backyard and a fantismo! architectural design to her home. She’s as close to The Lord as one can be, in a tie with our other friend, Julie.* In other words, she rocks! This post is a shout out to her by giving her a pokey-eyed view of life north of Ruskin, FL.



For many years I had dreams of living somewhere which had a Piggly Wiggly food market in my neighborhood. Honestly, how can anyone NOT want to shop at a place with such a great name and an even better motto, “go pig or go home”? (see above’). Yoiks! and alas!, it was not meant to be.



This is our very local Winn/Dixie grocery store. It is very nice. It has meat ‘n beans ‘n beer ‘n fruits ‘n veggies and greeting cards. It does not however have a known mascot. Perhaps at one time it did but was shelved in favor of lower prices.





Back where I come from our stores have gotten their act together and developed an adequate pipeline for personal hygiene paper products. These five packages of toilet paper plus one on the bottom shelf were all they had in our store.


C’mon! There are certainly a lot of people down here but how many of them lived during The Depression when hoarding was the ‘thing’? It couldn’t be that many. Our neighborhoods are filled mostly with greying boomers. No way they potty that much. Now I do see commercials for Dulcolax but wouldn’t it just be for persons prepping for colonoscopies? They can’t be taking it as a serious part of their daily diet. No way.



As we leave you’ll note that many citizens drive their golf carts to the store; so many, in fact, that W/D has a designated parking area for them. Being in the throes of the The Wuhan lockdown and hot daytime weather having come to stay we see very few carts out and about midday. When the authorities give us the word we can roam unfettered I fully expect these carts to be as thick as gnats on the roadways between the daily afternoon storm (anywhere between 3 and 6) and bed time. 8:01 PM seems to be when most of the lights go out on our street. Shhh!


Highway construction will always be a constant in any thriving community. That’s a good thing. What I’m not sure is wise is the construction crew adding a lane but leaving the street lights in the middle of it. The lights farther back look off to the side but not those closest in the photo on the left. They are sure to be an impediment to drivers. I’ll give them time to realize their mistake. I don’t want to complain and appear pushy, being new and all.



This is My Sweet Rib’s ‘bitchy’ face when I’m bitching about her driving.

Persistent Reader: But she looks lovely and easy going!

The Purging Grocery Shopper: I know, right? Imagine how gorgeous she is when she’s in a good mood. I’m a lucky guy!

Now for a few updates. It turns out the three foot long gutter on the house next door is there for a reason! I couldn’t see behind the bushes but there is an A/C unit just below the gutter. The neighbor doesn’t want water in his air conditioner. Huh.



You might remember this lil’ feller from a few posts ago. I think Susan named him ‘Phillipe’. At first he would scoot away from us when we came out back. Now he’s become much more friendly though Susan refers to him as ‘extremely aggressive’. What does she know about bugs? Anyhoo, he comes out now and sits and stares at us. He’s so cute, it’s almost like he’s thinking and remembering things. How fun!

Proverbs 18:24

Friends come and friends go,
    but a true friend sticks by you like family.



* Jesus agrees with me on this one.

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