the daily stand here, please, 4-2-20

[ WARNING: This post contains tart language. Please read responsibly. ]


Big Box Foodstuffs (BBF) welcomed us with an employees who was sanitizing the shopping carts with clean-‘em-up spray and wipes. That was very kind. Before heading out, The Purging Lutheran read a local ‘chatter’ site where someone was complaining about BBF cleaning the handles but NOT the entire cart.

((( sigh )))

What would The Alice Cooper Band say about that? Vince Furnier says:

I’ll be honest, it was irritating to be at BBF this morning. Trying to adapt to another ‘new normal’ can be taxxing.

– Oops! I forgot to give the lady her ‘space’ to stare at 200 one gallon jugs of milk waiting for her to pick the right one. Aw, geez, jess pick one.

Rather than go on and on I’ll cut this short. I’m being hypersensitive to the universe around me. To finish, the check out lines had these stickers on the floor spaced about eight feet apart. As they say in the cartoon, Futurama,

“You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Proverbs 6:6

Go to the ant, O sluggard;
    consider her ways, and be wise.

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