the daily clean close, 3-30-20


What better reason is there to clean the home than when the notary public comes over to have us sign papers to finish buying a condo in Florida? Never mind we cannot go there for a extra month at least. At least we are rollin’ with ‘the big boys’, throwing our money around like so many marbles on the school playyard*. Never mind the stock market is skipping gaily toward doom**. Aw, what else were we going to do with our life savings? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Sigh.

We cleaned and vacuumed and scooped and wiped what we could on the main floor to protect us, the notary public and our friend, Julie, whom we used as a witness to our signatures. Whoop!

I saw on the label of these disinfecting wipes where it says ‘Viruses’. There is a cross next to that word which caused me great concern. Sometimes a cross suggests the Christian theme of death (and resurrection) abd if you saw a cross along the highway or in a graveyard*** it represents a daid person. This seems pretty pertinent given our Covid-stained world. As it was, it was merely an asterisk to direct you to the back of this container so you can read this:



Whew! I feel better? Who knew all these dangers could be clinging to my doorknobs?

Notary public, Kat, arrived followed by witness, Julie. Then we commenced to signing oodles of papers. Here is an exciting action photo of Susan signaturing one such document. Watch those fingers fly across the page!

And there we are – proud owners of a condo in Fla. sitting m t. All this mess will pass and we will go at that time. The sun will be there still.

Yes, this sun.



Psalm 113:1-3

You who serve God, praise God!
    Just to speak his name is praise!
Just to remember God is a blessing—
    now and tomorrow and always.
From east to west, from dawn to dusk,
    keep lifting all your praises to God!



*yes, the proper spelling is ‘play yard’ but I couldn’t pass up the chance to spell a word with side-by-side ‘y’s.

**frankly, I believe the economy and stock market will bounce back and be fine. Peeps are aching to get back to work. Thanks to you if you are one of those aching.

***well, duh, that’s a lot obvious

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