the daily f. b. humphrey, 3-26-20



[ Ed. note: If I had any shame at all I’d simply post a purge of some shoestrings I tossed out in the garbage the other day]


The Purging Lutheran (me) achieved some mild success with yesterday’s post,

the daily purge. j. o’rourke, 3-25-20

so what better way to sell-out for more clicks and likes than try to replicate today what I did yesterday – highlight a book title and shamelessly copy/paste quotes instead of writing original content?

Whereas yesterday’s book was an actual purge of something I owned, today’s post is about a picture of a book cover I found on-the-line. And I’m going to copy/paste quotes by the arthur, Frederick Blaine Humphrey, but not from the title above because I cannot find any from it. Luckily, the web site I found this on, JF Ptak Science Books, wrote a little writeup about it. Here goes, and, oh,  JF Ptak? – thanks for not noticing.

The Book of Envelope Factsyes.  This is actually a lovely book, in its very special way, with 55 pages of non-stop facts and semi-useless information on envelopes.  Chapter Two’s “Arousing Interest with Envelopes” competes wildly with Chapter Three “Attracting Attention with Envelopes” and Chapter Four’s “Creating Desire with Envelopes”.  It is completed with eight pages of a glossary of envelope terms.

But all is not lost, Persistent Reader! A person’s writing (in)ability is the fingerprint of the soul, as distinct as Shakespeare’s is from Kurt Vonnegut’s whose style is different from that of E. E. Cummings. Be it poetry or non-fiction, Humphrey’s style is likely similar across all his works.

Back in the day on 11-1-19, I wrote the post,

the daily pork,

which focused on another of his works, Know Your Groceries” (pictured at bottom). I can find no quotes from this book either but I have found passages from a play he wrote, The Ether World. Here are but a few of them.


Dr. Love: Yes, but before I give you my theory I want you to state to me again your theory of vibration and matter. If you will kindly run over those facts as you found them, I will give you my explanation of why medium- ship causes insanity. I think my theory dovetails in fine with yours. After that we will have our little experiment.


Prof. Wise: Here is our boy, Frank, son of Fred and Alice. You can tell him by his violetaura. He looks to be a lad of twelve or fourteen. But see, Doctor, there are other spiritual beings with him besides the guardian angel who was sent to follow him during his earthly life.


Dr.Love: Yonder is the light blue of high spiritual thought; and over there is the bright green of agreeableness and politeness. The beautiful yellow shows intuitional powers, while that pearly white near by indicates purity of soul.
Prof. Wise: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could see each other this way in our world? But look at the dingy colors coming in.

Dr. Love: Yes, their monstrosity is apparent to all the others, though they themselves are unconscious of it, at least they act as if they were. See how the others avoid them. See those awful livid reds of vice, the sallow, melancholy greys, and the revengeful blacks.

Prof. Wise: Doctor, did you see both of those violets jump when they first saw each other? Evidently they have been introduced. They are getting along fine. This is what the college boys would call *’A Case at First Sight.


Without having read any of Know Your Groceries or The Book of Envelope Facts you’d recognize them easily as Humphrey’s works (from the examples above) if spoken to you aloud. That’s the great secret behind written words and punctuation – they will ‘out’ you – always and without mercy.


2 Timothy 3:16

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,



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