the daily enough, 3-23-20

In these uncertain times there is one thing certain – Campbells Cream of Celery Soup will never sell out. Poor ‘C of C’, you’re great for recipes but are forced to sit at the back of the bus when it comes to being lunchtime goo.

Susan and I toddled out to Big Box Food this morning and things looked pretty good. The employees, first of all, are in bright spirits. I do my best to thank them for being on ‘the front lines of civilization’. Shipments are received and goods stocked overnight and as the day goes on. I very much appreciate their effort. What made me a happy fella was to see 


a notice above ‘that’ item which has been in short supply – toilet paper. Big Box Food, as of now, limits three packages per customer.


The entire aisle wasn’t filled but there was plenty for plenty people. Ground beef was nearly gone but I’d expect that. All the meats were taken out of the meat department and relocated to the refrigerated shelves. It’s no surprise it was running low given that schools and colleges have been dismissed and there are extra teeth at home to feed. We were able to buy one of the last four 3lb packages of 73% ground biff. It’s chili for dinner, lunch, dinner until the chili runs out. 

The tv dinner aisle was well-picked over but still enough to choose from. What I did not choose was either of these.


Korean Pork sounds like a yumcious meal, Korean ‘Inspired’ Pork, eh, not so much. The modern film industry frequently release films ‘inspired by actual events’ (which means they change the name of the people involved, the city and the critical turning point of the event). If corporations are so bold to ‘differently characterize’ factual content, might Big Cuisine* have ‘differently ingredient-ed’ the pork in your mouth? Dan Dan Noodles? That’s a silly sounding name but in real life it holds a very deep meaning. A quick search on Der Ünklenhãuseroogle describes ‘dan dan’ this way:

What does Dan Dan mean in Chinese?

The name refers to a type of carrying pole (dan dan) that was used by walking street vendors who sold the dish to passers-by. … The name translates directly as “noodles carried on a pole”, but may be better translated as “peddler’s noodles”.


Noodles on a stick. Well, there you go.

For the most part, unless something horrific happens, the food supply chain seems to be stumbling back on its feet again. Let us pray it remains so. What items are people not buying or at the least satisfied with what they have?



The wonderful cookie is in plentiful supply.



Shoestrings and Rit dye. Our shoes are OK for now and there doesn’t seem to be any need to change the color of our pants.



Dog treats aren’t an issue. Boof!



Birthday cards for ‘her’ are in no danger of running low. Maybe it’s because they’ve been handled by ‘virus rebels’ and customers see the wisdom of just saying

I Love You

rather than running the risk of perpetuating this national nightmare.



The deli counter packed with pounds of meat. This is a good sign.



The ‘sides’ counter is holding lottsa goodies. Except that pink stuff up and to the left. I’m pretty sure it’s a cranberry this-or-that.


Flavored water, flavored chips, flavored wine and flavored fizzy were all available. When it comes to foodstuffs, ‘flavored’ is the best kind.

Okey-dokey, our state governor has extended the ‘Hey, you! Stay at home!’ policy until April 6. That’s an extra week of learning just how much you love your spouse, kids, cats and dogs. Frankly, it doesn’t really change our lifestyle too much. Aleksandrs is out from work until then but he doesn’t socialize much except meeting the Door Dash guy at the driveway. Susan and I mostly go to restaurants. No hullabaloos, hayrides, hootenannies, hurrahs or hoedowns. Not even a shindig. We are a couple who keep to ourselves.

Very secretive.

Very self-contained.

Very usual.

Very ordinary.

Very, very ordinary.


Ecclesiastes 7:8

Better is the end of a thing than its beginning,
    and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.


*not to be confused with ‘Lean Cuisine’, a brand of delicious microwaveable meals (unless it is meant to be confused with Big Cuisine)

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